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Los Angeles Accommodations

Find Last Minute HotelsThe greater Los Angeles area with its beaches Santa Monica, Venice beach and all the way to Malibu. Cities to visit once in Los Angeles are: Old Town Pasadena, Studio City, Hollywood (of course) and Santa Monica. The Getty Museum for those who love museums is a must-see. It's easy to find accommodations in this huge city. Also one good travel tip we can give you about Los Angeles is this: rent a car! It's way too big and you could spend to much time in public transport and would probably not bring you to all the places you wanted to visit. Very different from some European cities or New York for example. You can't just walk out of your hotel and "walk" the city. Downtown LA is mostly office buildings and after 6pm, it's dead. You have to travel around town to find the good restaurants (etc.) for your evenings.

So find hotel accommodations in or around Los Angeles in California:

It's much faster to visit anything with a car in or around Los Angeles..... it's vast! Forget about the public transport. You're on vacation?! Pay yourself a confortable car. Not only this but during summer time here in LA it's hoooooot. So plan to rent a car when you travel to LA.

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