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Booking a last minute hotel in London

If you are in the enviable position of planning a visit to London, every kind of adventure awaits your arrival. This fabulous place remains one of the world's premier destinations for people from all around the globe. If fabulous can be improved upon, the UK capital is receiving a serious leg up on the tourist friendly front by the preparations for the 2012 Olympic Games. East London, an area of the city that often escapes the attention of tourists despite the mass of attractions, is going to be home to a host of new hotels, the country's premier sporting venues, entertainment venues and a reliable and variable transport infrastructure so it's easy to get around.

If there's one time to avoid the city it is probably going to be during the Olympics but at any other time, finding some great deals in last minute hotels in London can free up some cash to ensure the experience of a lifetime.

The bad old days of booking a vacation

Do you remember the days when choosing a vacation was about a trip to the high street travel agent and returning home with a whole heap of glossy brochures? It was a pleasant if somewhat laborious process to wade through pages and pages, making comparison notes and finally deciding on the trip you wanted. Then it was back to the travel agency for the seemingly interminable booking process. The internet changed that dramatically; booking a trip is now exceedingly easy and whether you're looking for a package deal, a hotel or just a flight, your needs are often fulfilled with a few clicks of the mouse.

How to find last minute hotels in London

Find last minute hotels in LondonDon't be fooled into thinking that simply by entering "last minute hotels London" into a search engine will be the answer. All you will get is information overload and frankly, you'll be in no better position than if you're sitting down with a pile of holiday brochures. It's time to get clever and it's time to get selective. Some people swear by the big comparison sites which have become household names in the "last minute" field. These have also spawned innumerable copycat sites so if you're happy being generic in your search then by all means, go ahead and take advantage of them. This though doesn't necessarily mean you'll get the best deal in last minute hotels.

Planning your trip

London is a huge metropolis and there is so much to see, North, South, East and West. If your time is restricted to but a few fun filled days, staying in a hotel closest to your preferred sights and activities is preferable. Obviously, the less travelling you have to do between sights, the better. London central is easily navigable on foot and you can easily cover Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Piccadilly and Chinatown in one trip and lump together The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye in another. If however, your trip to London is because you want to visit the fabulous museums or you want to shop till you drop, you'll find your intended destinations much more widespread.

Narrow down your search

Before you search for last minute hotel deals, you can give yourself a big advantage of having some idea of where you want to visit and therefore be more specific in your searching. It's the best way to focus on the area you want to be in. You might well ask won't that mean missing out on great deals in other areas of town? Possibly, but overall you won't be disappointed. What is more important? Saving maybe $20 on your hotel bill or being able to fit in visits to all three of the major attractions in the Museum Quarter because you found a great last minute hotel deal in South Kensington? Plus, you'll be close to Harrods and any spare cash will probably be blown on something you don't need just so you can have one of their carrier bags.

Of course, you might choose to stay in South Kensington exactly because of the nearby fancy shopping in Fulham Road and Knightsbridge. If you're in London for a treat, your last minute hotel deal might be more towards the 5* rating than the budget end.

5-Star Accommodations in London

Top end hotels have vacant rooms just like any 1-star or unrated hotel and irrespective of room tariffs, an empty room is an income opportunity lost. Hotel discounts are available across the whole range of establishments so whilst you probably won't see the likes of the Ritz, the Savoy and the Dorchester listed on last minute hotel deal sites, you'll find plenty of very credible 5-star hotels. If you're in London over a weekend one of the best areas to look for top notch accommodation at reduced rates is close to the City Square Mile or nearby to Canary Wharf. These areas are the business end of the city and whilst the hotels do a rip roaring trade during the week, at weekends business is comparatively slow. With the Docklands Light Railway, the extended Victoria Line and the new transport links being built for the 2012 Olympics, a last minute hotel deal in a 5-star rating over on the city's East side is an attractive proposition.

Budget accommodations in London

It would be nice to be able to stay in London's finest hotels but let's face it, most of us are looking for something decent at a price we can afford. If we set a budget and find a great last minute hotel bargain to save a few bucks – so much the better. London accommodations are massive in range and variety. From functional but cheerful hostels to boutique hotels in Georgian townhouses, cheap doesn't mean dingy. Look out for last minute hotel cheapies on the edge of the CBD or out in the suburbs if you don't mind travelling on the tube. The London Underground doesn't just cover the main area of London but extends well into suburbia.

What makes the best hotel and the cheapest hotel is a highly subjective matter. It's all a matter of taste and affordability for your wallet.

London, Uk, Big Ben

Probably one of the most popular cities in the world, London holds its style and classiness. People from India, Saudia Arabia (Dubai) and many other places around the world visit or live in this beautiful British city. Find last minute hotels in or around London, Uk.

Cool things to visit in London:

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If you are traveling to or from London, you will find some cheap deals on not only hotels but flight (cheap tickets from our partners) and also car rental and motels. Have a beautiful vacation in England!

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