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find last minute barbados hotelsBarbados is a diverse and romantic island. The amazing beaches and weather are probably the main things why people love it there. White beaches, colorful flowers and buildings, etc, what's there not to love? Try to find last minute hotels in Barbados to save a little money for the numerous activities. There are great sites in the internet to help you find them and the best travel deals.

There is so much more in Barbados than just laying on the beach. Although that's nice, you might want to check out the sights, the activities, the events and the nightlife. You'll have the opportunity to swim with dolphins or turtles, explore the island in its glory either by land or air, go to a cruise, dive deep or just snorkel etc, etc. I guarantee you won't get bored! And just for an advice; the South coast is best for swimming and the East coast for surfing.

Barbados's architecture is an amazing mix of poor looking houses (which look adorable) and gorgeous centuries old buildings. A little Victorian style here, some Gothic style there. Check the internet for all the different types of places you can stay in. It's even easy to find last minute hotels in Barbados.

Beside the beaches, there's said to be "seven wonders" you should not miss:

  • Harrison's Cave
  • Jacobean Mansions
  • Ancient Baobab Trees
  • Hundreds of Rare Cannons
  • Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill
  • The Caribbean's Oldest Synagogue
  • The Birth of the Grapefruit. That's not really a thing you can see, it's just that the grapefruit was created in Barbados and you can find them growing everywhere.

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If you want to book a last minute hotel in Barbados, November to April isn't the best time of year for that. The hotels are bursting, since it's the main tourist season. The weather around June to November can be unpleasant, since it's the time of the hurricane season in the Caribbean. The hurricanes haven't hit Barbados in a while though, but there might be rain. The good thing in that time is that the prices are cheap. It's not so hot from December and forward, until April. Then it gets hot again. It's never cold in Barbados, so go there anytime you want and enjoy the sea!

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