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Montreal Last Minute Hotel Deals

The beautiful Montreal city. Charming in all four seasons. Montreal is an island with a mountain, Mont-Royal, and loads of parks. Lots of green parks. Old Montreal is a must visit: monuments, churches, old banks, etc... "Parc Lafontaine" is a nice place to take a walk and during winter you can ice skate on the park's lake. The city is filled with good restaurants. Times changed as now a large amount of the people can speak and understand English.

Find Last Minute Hotels There are several hotels and motels in and around the city. Some of Montreal's main landmark locations:

  • Old Montreal
  • Oratoire Saint-Joseph
  • Mont Royal park
  • Notre-Dame Basilica
  • Jardin Botanic (Botanical Garden)
  • During winter, skiing is definitely something to do. There are several mountains with a 1 or 2 hour drive.
  • And during summer, there are many, many lake around for fishing fans.

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You should consider renting a car when traveling to Montreal. Quebec province is filled with beautiful lakes to visit.

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