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Antwerp Last Minute Hotels

travelling to Antwerp in BelgiumThe pleasure of travelling is grand so are the online travel specials for Antwerp in Belgium. If you didn’t have a chance to plan your trip head and just decided to book your hotel last minute, look around our website and you may find something you like.

Antwerp has some of the most amazing architecture that I’ve seen. Antwerp is known of diamonds, so men, if you go there, remember your lady a little. Antwerp has also become a fashion city, so ladies will have to remember not to spend all their money in clothes and accessories! Antwerp is also a great place for romantics, so this city really suits everyone!

There’s a lot to see in Antwerp, and here’s some of the must-sees:

  • Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten van Antwerpen (Royal Museum of Fine Arts). It has a lot to see from the 14th to the 20th century.
  • Rubenshuis. It’s now a museum, but it used to be the home of Peter Paul Rubens.
  • Boerentoren. It is the oldest skyscraper in Europe.
  • Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal (Cathedral of our Lady). The tallest building in Antwerp, with paintings by Rubens.
  • Het Steen is the oldest building in Antwerp. An old castle, which is the only remain of Antwerps fortification.
  • Antwerp zoo. It’s one of the oldest, and famous, in the world with almost 800 different species.

So you may want to decide on the places you want to visit and book your hotel near them. Whether last minute or not, you can find travel packages that also include car rental if you are farther away from the places you want to visit.

If you want to go to Antwerp when it’s most warm, May through September is the time to go. The weather in that area is known to change quickly though, so be prepared to everything.

Summer is a busy time in Antwerp, so if you prefer quieter periods, late fall to early spring is the time for you.

You can find online tourist guides for the best travel deals to Antwerp. Brussels South airport offers some really cheap flights, though you’ll have to travel to Antwerp by a taxi, for example. Different places online will also offer different vacation packages and last minute hotels in Antwerp. But feel free to look around before you go!

You can also find online info on the different hotels in Antwerp. One that is recommended is for a good stay is the Hotel Firean. It’s the most charming hotel in whole of Belgium! It’s extremely beautiful and classic.

Find Last Minute Hotels Team
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Last Minute Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam, NetherlandsTravelling is always fun and exciting. Whether you plan your trip months ahead or decide to leave at last minute, there are plenty of options for you. Thanks to our good friend, the internet, it’s as easy as pie to find last minute hotels in Amsterdam.

If you’re into art and history, you won’t be disappointed. There are over 50 museums in Amsterdam! You’ll have to see the Rijksmuseum (national museum) and Van Gogh museum. If you’re into some weird stuff, Museum Vrolik is your place. Preserving human remains in jars for the name of science. That’s Vrolik for you.

The best way to see the city is by walking. The architecture is so amazing that you can’t possibly just flash past all of the buildings. And if you’re into romantics, try walking with your loved one in Amsterdam by night. Beautiful lights. A cruise in a canal or a horse carriage ride would also be recommended.

So to save money either on car rental or other travel expenses, you might want to check last minute hotels near the locations you want to visit.

If you’re looking for the best time to visit Amsterdam, there’s not a specific time. Just go there whenever you want! There are different kinds of festivals throughout the year, whether it’s the New Year’s celebration with endless fireworks or Amsterdam Roots Festival, a music festival, in June. The last one is free, by the way!

If you are looking for a cheap trip, you should go to Amsterdam in winter. In January, the flights and hotel rooms are cheap, and the stores have huge discount sales. There aren’t many tourists in that time either, so you’ll get a better look at the “normal” life in Amsterdam. Only down points are, that the days are quite short and cold.

For hotels in Amsterdam, check around our website. There are a lot of different specials for hotels, hostels, apartments, B&B’s and houseboats. Also you can find good vacation packages and last minute hotels in Amsterdam.

Just a side note, but for anyone looking for luxury hotels in Amsterdam, the Lloyd Hotel is one of extraordinary design and style.

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Prague Last Minute Travel Deals

travel to praguePrague (Praha) in Czech Republic is yet another great European city to visit. Now, you need to find last minute hotels and Prague travel deals? You may certainly run across a couple of these on our website.

No doubt a great sightseeing city with gorgeous attractions, old structures and a thousand years of architectural beauty and well deserves her nickname, the “golden city of spires.” But also the great bridges and the Vltava River.

You can find several downtown Prague hotels. Now if decide to stay in town only, the city has a complete metro system for public transport. But would you decide to rent a car to get out of town, you may find Prague can rental deals on our website.

Golden city of Spires, Prague

  • Prague Castle
  • Charles Bridge: one of the top sightseeing attractions
  • Opera at the Estates Theater
  • St Vitus Cathedral
  • Astronomical Clock
  • St. Nicholas Church Old Town Square in Prague
  • Vysehrad
  • National Museum
  • Powder Gate
  • Narodni divadlo

Find hostels in Prague and search around for great travel deals. Not that we are selling cameras but you should be leaving for the City of 100 Spires without one… just a friendly tip!

So what is the best time to visit Prague? Probably a matter of taste but spring seems to be a time of choice. Anytime between spring and fall unless you like winter. You can certainly find online best of Prague travel guides that will give you more info about this.

Beautiful PragueFind Last Minute Hotels and best travel deals for discounted prices and online booking specials.

Last Minute Venice Hotels

Decided to travel to Italy and need to find last minute Venice hotels? Take a look around our site.

Venice canal ItalyVenice (Venezia in Italian) is on the Mediterranean Sea and is probably one of the most unique cities on Earth. Venice a city of tourism, great places to eat, class and distinction. Venice has many canals on which little boats, called gondolas, take people from place to place. Venice is in fact composed of over 100 islands. Canals are probably on the top on your list of attractions (you can’t really miss them unless you are caught into a conference room for the whole time).

  • Piazza San Marco (aka St Mark’s Square in English) Procuratoria Della Basilica Di San Marco
  • Palazzo Ducale
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Burano
  • Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli
  • Rialto Bridge
  • Grand Canal
  • Chiese Cattoliche Parrocchiali Ss. Maria E Donato
  • C.S.D. Foresteria Valdese
  • Il Redentore
  • San Zaccaria
  • Chiesa di San Francesco della Vigna

Other Venetian attractions include nice museums, exhibitions, fantastic churches of Venice, restaurants, pubs…. and of course hotels, B&Bs and other types of accommodations. If within your budget, there are luxury hotels in Venice that are worth the money (just search luxury hotels in Venice Italy and you’ll find some good deals for them).

Venice ItalyItaly is one of the finest destinations and Venice is definitely one not to miss.

So to find last minute Venice hotels, simply go to our home page and use the search at the top. You may find good deals. Book a hostel in Venice in no time online! For a longer stay, you can rent an apartment (flat) for a long vacation or for business.

Not just hotels but also Venice travel deals! Thanks for visit our website and come back again. We update regularly.

Nepal Last Minute Travel Deals

So I just found out about this Nepal travel deal.

Nepal is quite a unique place to travel to.

You have always dreamed of flying to Kathmandu and walking the tallest mountains in the world Everest… possibly not to the top! The beauty and culture of Nepal is rich and inspiring.

Great trip to you!
Find Last Minute Hotels
Team 2010

Mexico Last Minute Hotel Deals

mexico hotel dealsThere’s a special right now for Mexico last minute hotels. The special ends on April 18, 2010.

Destinations include: Cancun, Cozumel, and many more!

Mexico at this period of time is an excellent temperature. Not too hot.

This is an exclusive offer you have just found for Mexico hotels and it’s good until the 18th of April at up to 40% discount. Reduce the price of your stay in Mexico. By saving in hotel fees, you can invest the rest of your travel budget into restaurants (to taste the real Mexican food) and different local trips you could make and even renting a car.

Mexico hotel deals

So right now till April 18, 2010 you can find hotels deals for Mexico. This special discount is offered by one of the top online hotel booking service. You make your accommodation reservation now in the comfort of your home.

Find Last Minute Hotels Team

Last Minute Spring Break Hotels

Spring Break has the connotation of being “party-ish” and possibly pushing it too much in many cases. Spring break doesn’t have to be that way. Having a good time doesn’t mean getting drunk or kissing everyone in view!

Anyway that’s it for today’s moral lesson, we are here to talk about travel, aren’t we? Spring break is almost finished (should be done around April 9th). You’ve just decided to go out and get some space for a few days… and you need to find last minute hotel rooms?

Some will take their college spring break Playa Del Inglese, Spain and the Canary Islands, some to Northern Italy and actually pretty much anywhere great vacation destinations.

Some will go on a cruise and other destinations such as Cancun, Acapulco, Jamaica, Bahamas and Punta Cana.

The important thing is to go to a destination that will give you some space so that you can come back to work/study in top shape.

Take a look around our website and see if you find hotel deals and last minute travel offers that fit your needs.

There are many online travel deals and hopefully you find one around here.

March 2010
Find Last Minute Hotels team

Easter Last Minute Hotel Booking

Easter last minute hotels imageVery very busy period of the year. But is it still possible to book last minute hotels for Easter. Now 2 weeks away!

The answer is simply yes!

Where do you want to go?

Find last minute hotels using a search tool that is used by millions of people each year. Just click on “find last minute hotels” above and you will find the search tool with which you can compare hotel prices and find good deals on hotels.

You might want to book a flights too. Well we also find on our site several travel partners. So it’s not just about last minute hotels but also about best travel deals and cheap tickets.

Now to come back to Easter, realize that this is one of the busiest weekend of the year. People will be celebrating in many places throughout the world.

It’s not totally last minute yet! You still have 2 weeks before Easter to book your hotel and flight.

Happy Easter to all and hope to see soon again!

St. Patrick's Last Minute Hotels

St. Patrick's last minute hotelsSt. Patrick’s is a great Irish celebration. You want to travel to go celebrate with your friends? Looking for last minute hotels for the occasion. Stay positive. You can still find a hotel that will suit your needs.

St. Patrick is not just celebrated in Ireland. From Dublin to Montreal, Canada, New York, NYC, to Boston you can expect to see great street parades.

It’s also a time to break the end of the winter with a vacation. In most places where snow and cold sat for months, the trees don’t have their leaves yet and the grass is not green either. St. Patrick’s Day is a little bit like celebrating spring… in it’s own way! Take the time to go out. Last minute hotels for St. Patrick’s can still be found online. St. Patrick’s is only a few days away but you can find great travel deals.

You can find hot hotel deals for St. Patrick’s Day. Again, winter is

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all around the world! team
the pleasure to travel
best travel deals report!

President's Day Last Minute Hotels

U.S. President Day Last Minute Hotels

If you are planning to travel within the U.S. or to the U.S. on Monday February 15, you need to realize that it is a Holiday celebration. It’s basically Washington’s Birthday and Presidents Day.

Outside the U.S. it will not change much if you are looking for a last minute hotel. And most probably will not affect the hotels in the U.S. so much either. It’s not like the Christmas period, or Thanksgiving or Easter.

So if you are planning to travel on Presidents Day, just stay calm and positive and you’ll find last minute hotels in no time online.

Traveling helps the economy! So booking hotels online definitely directly helps the economy. If you book cheap hotels, then you help yourself and the economy. Spending money is not bad! Spending on travel is really not bad. The positive experiences that can be gotten from travel are fantastic. So is traveling an expense or an investment? That may sound funny but there’s some truth to that.

Tip of the day: There are many websites online that promote travel deals and hotel discounts. Where do you go to find last minute hotels? Truthfully, if you don’t have absolute requirements as far as hotel standards are concerned, then you shouldn’t have any problem finding a hotel last minute. The major online hotel booking websites will have something for you (practically) all the time.
Find cheap hotels, find best travel deals, find your investment, help the economy!

Valentines Day Last Minute Hotels

Find last minute hotels for Valentines DayA romantic trip outside the city for Valentines Day is a good idea! Now, tomorrow is Valentines Day if you decided to travel just now, you still can find last minute hotels.

If you are not celebrating Valentines Day, there are February winter specials for your last minute travel accommodations.

During winter people from the north travel to the south and many people from the south will seek places to do skiing….. probably not in Vancouver for the Olympics! But several other places throughout the U.S.A., Canada, France, Swiss and Italy.

In England, you have the Ski Resorts of Northern England to do some skiing. You also have skiing in Wales and Scotland.

But Valentines Day isn’t really about skiing other than the fact that it occurs right in the middle of winter.

So either for Valentines Day or for skiing, you can find last minute hotels. Stay optimistic and full of vigor and you will find a hotel that fits your needs.

Happy Valentines Day to all !
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Paris Last Minute Hotels

find hotels in ParisLooking for Paris last minute hotels? Our website provides several resources to find hotels in Paris and some of the best travel deals.

The great city of Paris! Most of the people would love to travel to Paris one day in their live. Its charm definitely reaches many people. Now when it comes to staying in Paris for a few days and you’ve just decided to travel to Paris a few days ago….. then comes websites like ours to find last minute hotels in Paris.

There’s plenty of hotels in Paris, so stay calm! Make the decision that you will find a good hotel though you are last minute.

You can also find online best travel deals throughout our website for airfare to Paris and car rental. You can use public transport but if you’re going to travel out of the city a bit you may want to rent a car or you could book train tickets online for a great TGV (high speed trains) ride. In just a few hours using TGV, you can go to Lyon and further sound all the way to San Tropez on the coast of the Mediterranean.

So for best travel deals and Paris last minute hotels, surf our website and hopefully you find something that will accommodate you.

Lyon Last Minute Hotels

Lyon last minute hotelsFind last minute hotels in Lyon, France.

The city of silk, Lyon is a great place to find old Roman theaters and a beautiful old downtown dating from around the Middle Age period. Lyon has many museums. So to get to the point, finding last minute hotels in Lyon is doable.

The more modern downtown keeps it’s complete French style with all types of restaurants and hotels. Traveling to Lyon, you can expect several cultural events such as dance and the sports fans could attend the local soccer team match.

One of the best places to visit is the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. It’s up on the mount and looking at the city. From there you have a fantastic view of the Lyon and the you can see where the two rivers meet, Rhône and the Saône. The Basilique is of course gorgeous.

There are hotels by the Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport. Also for those traveling to the Palais du Commerce (Place de la Bourse), you can also find last minute hotels. In Lyon 6, you can find the Hotel du Gouverneur on Marechal-Foch Avenue.

For Lyon last minute hotels you can shop on our site and find something that will fit your needs.

St. Lucia Last Minute Hotels

St. Lucia Last Minute Hotels

There are those who decide to travel during winter time to get away from the cold. Traveling to exotic places and places where the sun and the beach meet.

For those in the UK and Ireland, you can pay yourself a good last minute hotel package in the Caribbean Islands. One week or so relaxing around on the beach and looking out visiting different places.

St. Lucia last minute hotelsOne place that I do recommend is St. Lucia island. Not that much known or promoted I would say. It’s a fantastic place to visit and get out of your head for a little bit. St. Lucia is a real tropical island and it’s kind of a vacation paradise.

But St. Lucia isn’t the only tropical island in the Caribbeans but this is we recommend in today’s blog post. Why not trying something different? And a little adventurous!

Of course you can go to our main page find last minute hotels to search for good deals. You can also find some best travel deals.

Today with the internet it is much easier to find travel deals and hopefully you find what you want for St. Lucia Island in the Caribbeans!

Last Minute Hotels Videos

Hi Everyone!

This is a simple announcement of our new Youtube account and videos. Last minute hotels videos… what a concept! Well, with the number of people searching for last minute hotels and travel deals around the world, you have to find ways to make easy to people to find what they want.

If you are looking for online best travel deals and last minute hotels, can help locate what you want. Also booking hotels online is now as easy as brushing your teeth… and you save all the time in the world! So simply get to know how to book hotels online. At start it may take you a little bit. But next time it will be even faster and then, you’ll simply adopt the internet to book your last minute hotels!

So we will start to have hotel videos to “show” tips and other travel information.

last minute hotels (hotel video)

Los Angeles last minute hotels

How and where to find last minute hotels in Los Angeles?

L.A. is vast. Combined with Orange County (the neighbor county), Los Angeles is huge and has a whole lot of hotels within its periphery.

You have cheap hotel deals throughout the year. If you want to be close to the beach, hotel prices may be different and reserving in advance could be a factor for cheaper price but you may find good last minute hotel rooms in Santa Monica, pretty close to the beach or even with an ocean view.

Finding last minute hotels in Los Angeles online is easier than ever. You can order online or call the phone number that you’ll find on a particular web page.

Los Angeles hotels of all kinds from motels to luxury hotels. Los Angeles hotels from Venice to Malibu Beach.
Find deals on accommodations in Los Angeles
with Find Last Minute Hotels team

Last Minute Vegas Hotels

Traveling to the town of hotels! Last minute hotels in Las Vegas can be found online.

las vegas hotels

If aim at getting a hotel on the strip, one of those fancy, luxury hotels, you will pay more than the little hotels off the strip. You can find some cheaper but still comfortable hotels.

What is the concept of last minute hotels? There are so many online travel competitors that you can find some great deals despite the fact that you are shopping last minute.

Online Las Vegas deals are almost overwhelming. There are so many. How to find last minute hotels in Las Vegas and keep your sanity? Check the 10 best ways to find last minute hotels tips.

Stay positive! You can find great hotel deals online at any time.

Find Last Minute Hotels team!

10 best tips to find last minute hotels

10 best ways to find last minute hotelsHere’s a collection of tips on where and how to find last minute hotels. Today, with the fast internet and all the competition possibilities, the concept of “last minute hotels” is not as stressful as before.

  1. Search Engines: Use search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN Bing and type in a precise description of what you want.
  2. Browser Tabs: Do that several times, keeping a new browser window (or browser tab) open for each travel site that had a good special.
  3. Decision point: After having a feeling of satisfaction about your search, you may have about 4 or 5 windows open at the point, then you start the elimination process to select your “last minute hotels.”
  4. Keeping bookmarks: Keep a bookmark of that travel website so that next time you do not have to search so much. That way you become an expert online travel buyer!
  5. Cheaper Hotels: For cheaper accommodations, the concept of “last minute hotels” is not a big issue. You may save a little bit of money (a few pounds/dollars) but nothing substantial. So if you are traveling and wanting a standard hotel room, you probably don’t have to worry to much about doing a long research to save just a few pennies. On the other end, luxury hotel rooms or hotels with higher standards may work a little different since there is more play in the price and cut deals.
  6. Shopping time: It’s all about saving time! It’s already fast to shop for travel deals online. You could probably find last minute hotels on any major travel website without having to look that extra time. Of course if you have all the time in the world, take all the time you need and use the online shopping travel tips I gave at number 1, 2 and 3.
  7. Last minute attitude: Finding last minute hotels has to do with your own intention to find a special….. Yes, if you got the idea that “well, I’m already too late who could find a deal” attitude then you might not find a good hotel deal. Or the opposite could not be good either “I MUST find a last minute hotel deal RIGHT NOW or ….” attitude may be stress full. Play with this while keeping a good intention to find good travel deals!
  8. Friends: Call a friend that has already bought some specials online. It might not fit your needs but minimally it gives you a place to start from if you have no idea. Word of mouth is the old, old way but still works.
  9. Airfare websites: Many websites selling flight tickets or promoting cheap airfare tickets, also have hotel deals. It’s possible that you’ll find travel packages that will actually bring the cost down or it’s simply more convenient for you. So although a site may pushing flight tickets, by looking around on the website, you may discover hotel deals.
  10. Find last minute hotels is in general pretty easy! Don’t panic and stay positive. Seems like a boring tip… but just keeping it simple is probably one of the best last minute travel tip I could give you 🙂

So hopefully this inspired you to stay positive in your last minute search and if you want to comment or give us some suggestion, please don’t hesitate to leave a message.

Thank you,

Where to find last minute hotels

where to find last minute hotelsYou’re online and wondering where to find last minute hotels? There are many, many travel websites on the internet offering both airfare and hotels. But what do we really mean by last minute hotels? If you go on different competitors’ websites and type in a date that is 6 months away from now or a date that is 3 days away, you will not find such a big difference in many cases. Just do the test with any of your favorite travel websites and even those promoting last minute hotels!

I just did a test for New York Intl airport EWR, Kennedy (JFK) and LGA
I took one hotel, the Newark Intl Airport EWR Area Hotel. The hotel room price is $65 per night 2 days from now. And the same hotel is $59 per night at the start of March. A saving of $6. Another hotel was actually cheaper, the Jamaica Hotel at the John F. Kennedy Intl Airport JFK, is $79 2 days from now right between Christmas and new year and is $88 at the start of March.

So to find last minute hotels, all you have to do is look around online. Pick the best deals and buy. There are so many people wanting your business and willing to offer good prices.

It doesn’t take much time to shop online. Open several tabs on your browser and keep the pages that have good deals open. At the end, when you feel satisfied with your research your choice is easier to make by simply going from one window to the other.

Where to find last minute hotels is easier than ever online!

Happy Holidays from the Find Last Minute Hotels team!

New Year Travel

new year travelLast minute New Year travel…. possible? Stay positive and yes you can find hotels and travel deals for the new year travel.

There are many companies online offering travel specials. So by doing a little search on the internet for hotels and airfare, you can find what you want.

One tip would be to bookmark the web pages that you like. Or open up a new tabs on your browser. That way you could have 5 websites open at the same time and when it comes down to take a decision, it’s easier to retrieve the specials that you liked. Same goes for new year travel.

Find Last Minute Hotels team wishes you a happy new year and travel experiences.

Again if you are shopping last minute for new year travel, you don’t have to have a grim face. Make a decision and find the deals that will fit your needs.