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Las Vegas Last Minute

Las Vegas

Everybody thinks about casinos and Elvis impressionists when they hear “Las Vegas”. The place was actually built solely for visitors. The tourist center, The Strip, has numerous hotels with casinos, restaurants and bars. There are many different shows everywhere and you can even get married with Elvis as your priest! You can check the internet to find the cheapest deals in Las Vegas, even last minute hotels.

find last minute Las Vegas hotelsCasinos and amazing shows aren’t all there is to see in Las Vegas, though. Here are some of them:

  • MGM Grand Hotel. The biggest hotel in Las Vegas with the biggest casino complex in the world. There are activities for children in the casino so they won’t get bored while their parents are playing. Check if this hotel is available last minute the time you want to go.
  • Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. The largest dam in Nevada. There are many activities around the huge lake.
  • Bellagio fountains. They are in front of the Bellagio hotel and casino, and they offer some pretty amazing shows. The water jets change with the music.
  • Stratosphere Tower. It’s the largest lookout tower west from Mississippi. There’s an exciting gizmo called Thrill Rides, which will rotate you in the air.
  • Lied Discovery Children’s Museum. The best museum in Las Vegas. It teaches children from all ages about science, nature and culture. Kids will surely have some great experiences!
  • Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. In the Mirage hotel, this zoo has pretty awesome animals. The most famous of them are the dolphins with which you can sit in the pool.

Since Las Vegas is filled with hotels, look up some last minute ones. Stratosphere Tower – Casino and Resort is some pretty good one with amazing exterior!

It doesn’t really matter which time of year you go to Las Vegas. If you like cooler weather, October to February is your time. March-September is warmer with summers being hot and dry. July and August are the wettest months, although it doesn’t really rain that much in Las Vegas.

Travel cheap by staying in some motels close to the main Strip. Really just minutes walking distance, you can get something for about $60/night. That’s quite a special deal! Also from Vegas, you can rent a car and drive to the Grand Canyon in about 5 hours. It’s a 250-mile trip. Totally worth it. So go see the musical shows, the dancers and comedians and jump in your rented car for a great trip!
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Cheap Last Minute Geneva Hotels

Geneva, Switzerland

find cheap hotels in GenevaGeneva is the second largest city in Switzerland. It is the head of many international organizations and many important deals have been made there.

Geneva is one of the safest places in the world, so you can safely explore the city and its beauties. So don’t hesitate to take your family there, book your last minute hotels in Geneva right now, save some money with it, and enjoy a trip through the city in a water bus.

There’s a saying that nobody knows about Swiss wines, because they’re so good that the Swiss drink it all themselves. It’s true. The wines in Geneva are quite cheap and really tasty.

There are many great things to see in Geneva, some of them include:

  • Jet D’Eau. A fountain that is most known of all the landmarks in Geneve. The huge water column is great to photograph in the evening, when 8 projectors cast a light to the majestic fountain. The jet of water can be seen from all over the city.
  • Palais des Nations. The Palace of Nations. There is a tour concerning the United Nations, which has become rather popular.
  • Cathedrale St-Pierre. This cathedral is the most famous church in Geneva. It is a mixture of different art movements and it has some amazing architectural details.
  • Saleve’s aerial railway. It’s actually on France’s side, but from there you’ll have pretty amazing view to Geneve and its surroundings (Mont Blanc for example).
  • A cruise in the Lake Geneva. It’s the second largest lake in Central Europe and the view is phenomenal. You can see Alps and even the Mont Blanc mountain from there.

Try to book a cheap last minute hotel somewhere near your must see sights. That will save a lot of money to be spent in something fun and interesting.

The weather in Geneva is usually quite pleasant. Mild winters and warm summers. July and August are in favor of tourists, but they are still nice months to go. June and September are ideal months: fewer tourist and cheaper hotel prices, plus it’s relatively warm. If you really want to save money, why don’t you try to book those cheap hotels even cheaper; book them last minute.
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Last Minute Bordeaux Hotels

Bordeaux, France

finding last minute hotels in BordeauxBordeaux is known around the world for its quality wines. Hence, the world’s biggest wine event, Vinexpo, is held in the city every other year.

Concerning wines, you can take part on wine tours. You can either participate in an organized tour or hire your own chauffeur and determine yourself what you want to see and when. The latter is cheaper and usually nicer in many ways. There are over 5000 vineyards, so you have plenty to choose from! You could also book a last minute hotel in Bordeaux, that’ll also save a lot of money.

There are numerous museums, sights, music venues, theaters and cinemas, so there is everything for everyone in Bordeaux. The city has a vibrant nightlife with different kind of clubs, whether you like hot or slow music.

The historical part of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage. There are many buildings and areas from the 18th century, actually more than in any other place in Europe.

Here are some of the prime of Bordeaux:

  • Grand Theatre de Bordeaux. An astounding theatre. It has 12 huge Corinthian columns which have statues on top of them.
  • Place de la Bourse. A plaza which represents some of the greatest architecture of its time. There is an amazing fountain in the middle of the plaza.
  • Les Quais. The district used to be a harbor, but now it is improved for tourism. The most famous bridge of Les Quais, Aquitaine, is also the largest in France.
  • St. Michel. The basilica and the gothic tower are some of the best sights in the city.
  • Jardin Public. An English style garden from the 18th century. It’s popular garden to spend your weekends in.
  • Esplanade des Quinconces. It’s said to be the most beautiful plaza in the city. Amazing buildings around it and many sights to visit.
  • Sainte-Catherine. A pedestrian street that is often called the longest in Europe. There are many shopping possibilities there.

Check for cheap deals on last minute hotels on our website to save money. You may find Paris hotel deals and from there rent a car to travel to Bordeaux or even take the TGV (very fast train in France).

In Bordeaux you can experience quite a cold winter, and there’s not much sunlight in December and January. Spring is usually warm and nice and summers can get rather hot, with relatively small amounts of rain. Fall is usually pretty comfortable time of year. You could book a last minute hotel and flight to Bordeaux, and brighten up your fall!
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Find Hotels in Avignon France

Avignon, France

Avignon is a gorgeous city. It was the capital of Christian world in the Middle Ages, and it is known as the city of popes. It’s really interesting, historical city with lots to see. Try to find a last minute hotel in Avignon; that will save a lot of money to spend on other things!

Nowadays Avignon is known as a great city of theater. A festival is held every year between July and August, which introduces new actors and dancers, or you can enjoy the talent of already known people. There is nothing like watching all the talented people trying to get discovered, late at night… it really is a unique feeling.

find last minute hotels in Avignon, FranceThere are many amazing historical buildings in Avignon. Here are some of the main sights:

  • Palais des Papes. A palace that was built in the 14th century to protect the popes living in the city. The walls are over five meters thick! Nowadays it is a museum.
  • Notre Dame des Doms. Beautiful cathedral with striking statues. One of the most interesting and beautiful things inside, is the mausoleum of Pope John XXII.
  • Pont d’Avignon (or Pont Saint-Bénezet). A famous bridge, which sadly has only four of the original 18 piles left.
  • The Calvet Museum. Collections of physician Esprit Calvet.
  • Musée du Petit Palais. Has a pretty amazing collection of paintings.

You could check for last minute hotels near the area you want to spend time most, in order to save money.

If you want to book last minute hotels in Avignon, July is not your month. There are certain festivals, which mean that there won’t be rooms available. May, June and September would be ideal times to visit Avignon, although the weather can be quite hot in summer.

If you book a last minute hotel in Avignon. It will save you money and it is really easy nowadays with the internet. There are many hotels available.

All Seasons Avignon Sud hotel is a colorful, modern-looking hotel. It has clear colors which makes the place look refreshing. The chairs at the dining area are a bit funny, since they look like they’re made from plastic. See if this one’s available last minute!
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Find Hotels in Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Some people have the general idea of Russia that it’s decayed and dangerous place to be. Moscow on the other hand, feels safe and nice. And that it is. Don’t be afraid, check for last minute hotels in Moscow, it’s now easier than ever.

Moscow is the largest city in Europe, and it’s an important center of Russia’s economy, industry, education and culture. There is more than enough to see and do in this huge city. There are plenty of museums, churches, shopping centers and theaters.
Some of the sites include:

  • Kreml. Kreml is called the heart of old Russia. It’s an area surrounded by a very tall wall, where are many famous towers, churches, palaces and other buildings. Most of them are free to visit.
  • Red Square. World famous, centuries old square. There are many things to see there, for example Lenin’s mausoleum and St Basil’s Cathedral. The cathedral is amazing. It has nine colorful towers.
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. One of the largest orthodox churches in the world. The original was blown up in 1931, in order to build a Palace of the Soviets. The palace was never built though, and in 2000 the cathedral was built again from old blueprints.
  • Tretyakov Gallery. Russia’s national gallery, which is known around the world.
  • Pushkin Museum. Art from around the world. For example, it has mummies.
  • Andronikov Monastery. The monastery was built in 1360 and now it’s a museum.
  • Bolšoi Theatre.
  • Kolomenskoye. An area with monasteries, churches and other buildings. There is a beautiful, huge park area with rare trees that are over 600 years old.

Find last minute hotels in Moscow near the places you want to visit to save time during your trip.

Spring and fall would be ideal times to visit Moscow. There aren’t many tourists around and the weather is quite pleasant. Summer is warm, but the city swarms with tourists. There can also be heavy rains in July and August. If you love snow, then you’ll love the winter in Moscow. The city is nicely covered with a lovely blanket of snow.

So for last minute hotels in Moscow, go at the top of our page use the search tool. You might find accommodations that fit your needs! Also look around for travel deals, great vacation packages and car rentals.
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Europe Hotels and Travel

Find Hotels in Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the highest capital of Europe. Most of the most remarkable buildings and quarters of Madrid were built in the 18th century, when the city was renovated by Charles III. Madrid is a notable culture city with all the museums and concerts, but it’s also a paradise for a party animal: there are more bars per citizen than in any other place in the world, and many of them are open until morning! Book a last minute hotel in Madrid right now and have a wonderful weekend!

Here are some of the sights you should see while in Madrid.

  • Palacio Real de Madrid. The kings palace, although the king doesn’t live there. It is used as a place for festive occasions and meetings.
  • Sabatini Gardens. It’s part of the palace and it was opened for public in 1978. The garden is a calm place, with beautiful fountains, statues, hedges and trees.
  • Museo del Prado. An art gallery and a museum, which is known for one of the most amazing art collection in the world.
  • Parque del Buen Retiro. A park with many sights. What makes it unique, is that it has a statue in honor of the fallen angel, Lucifer. There’s no other in the world.
  • Reina Sofia. Art museum with works of Dali and Picasso, for example.
  • Plaza Mayor. One of the largest public squares in Europe.
  • Almudena Cathedral.
  • Templo de Debod. Ancient Egyptian temple, which was donated to Spain for the help it gave Egypt against a flood in 1960.

Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to see to save money.

Spring or fall would be the ideal times to visit Madrid. Not too hot and not too many crowds. July and August are the hottest months. helps you find great vacation packages, best travel deals and last minute hotels in Madrid.

Hotel Puerta América is something straight out of a science fiction movie! Everything is so innovative, truly amazing. The smoothness is something I have never seen before. Too bad it’s really expensive.

So for last minute hotels in Madrid, browse around our website to find deals that will answer to your needs. Not only about finding accommodations but also other travel services such as car rental. Come again, we update our site regularly.
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Find Hotels in Kharkov - Vacation Deals

Kharkov, Ukraine

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine. There is significant weapon industry, and production of tanks and airplanes, in the city. Kharkov is the industrial center of Ukraine, and also cultural, scientific and educational capital. There are 80 libraries! Don’t think that the place is dull, on the contrary there are many fun things to do. Spend few nights in clubs, for example. Why don’t you book a last minute hotel in Kharkov right now!

Some of the sites include:

  • Many memorials. For example, a monument to the murdered kobzars, memorial for the murdered Ukrainian intellectuals by the NKVD, memorial for the thousands of Polish officers slaughtered by the NKVD.
  • Freedom Square. It’s the 3rd largest square in Europe.
  • Derzhprom (or Gosprom). The building was used as a symbol of modernity in its time. Later it was used as a television tower. There’s a certain feel of symmetry, which you can only feel in a one spot, in the center of the Freedom Square.
  • Taras Shevchenko Monument. He was a Ukrainian humanist, poet and an artist. He is considered to be the father of modern Ukrainian literature, and even the modern Ukrainian language.
  • The Assumption (or Dormition) Cathedral. It used to be the main Orthodox church in Kharkiv, until 1901. It has a beautiful bell tower with golden cupola.
  • The Annunciation Cathedral. The main Orthodox church in Kharkov. It has fun candy-striped exterior.
  • Chapel of Saint Tatiana. Small and beautiful, a bit funny looking chapel.

Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to visit to save money on your vacation accommodations.

The weather in Kharkov is hot at summer and cold in winter, but neither goes to extremes. So decide yourself when would be the best time to go to Kharkov.

You can find great vacation packages and last minute hotels in Kharkov online. rents apartments or hotel rooms for your stay. Some of them have really wacky design, for example one has a yellow wall with a sawtooth edge and a lightning crack in the middle. The colors are either bold or relaxing.

So look around our website to find last minute hotels in Kharkov. You’ll also so specials on travel deals, car rentals and other travel accommodations, whether it’s for vacation or a business trip. Come again as we update our site regularly.

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Find Hotel Deals in Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the biggest city in Finland and basically the center of government, culture and business. Many have said that Helsinki is the most relaxed city of the northern part of Europe. There are many different shopping possibilities and events, and lots of festivals are held throughout the year. The most popular event is Helsinki Festival, which lasts for weeks. The architecture varies a lot, since there are different buildings from different eras. Thanks to internet, you can now easier than ever, book last minute hotels. Check for happenings in the time you want to go, and have a wonderful time in the capital of Finland!

find last minute Helsinki hotelsHere are few of the many places to see:

  • Suomenlinna. A fortress that is the most important sight in the whole Finland. It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Seurasaari. It’s what you could call an open-air museum. There are 86 different buildings, the oldest from 400 years ago. In the middle of Seurasaari is an amphitheater where many events are held.
  • Linnanmäki. An amusement park with 40 different rides.
  • Korkeasaari. A zoo with about 200 animal species and 1000 plants.
  • Sibelius monument. Memorial for the most famous composer of Finland. It looks like organ pipes.
  • Helsinki Cathedral.
  • Uspenski Cathedral.
  • Kiasma. A contemporary art museum with changing exhibitions. There is a statue of Mannerheim in front of the museum.

The best time to travel to Helsinki would be spring or summer. The streets will be crowded, but the weather is nice and warm. On the hottest days, the cool breeze from the sea feels soothing. If you decide to travel there in winter, remember to take warm clothes with you, and that there won’t be much sunshine.

For great vacation packages and last minute hotels in Helsinki, take a look around our website and find something that may fit your needs.

The Rivoli Jardin Hotel is a combination of old and new, romantic and different.

It is possible to find last minute hotels! As well as deciding late on other travel needs, such as car rentals or other packages. Stay calm. With the internet it’s really fast to shop around and find what you need in the blink of an eye.
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travel to Helsinki

Travel and Last Minute Hotels in Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland UK

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, though not as big as New York or Paris, for example. Still the city is well worth a visit. Glasgow is known of the obscure dialect spoken, which is fun to listen! There are many museums, art galleries (Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Gallery of Modern Art), theaters (The King’s Theatre, Theatre Royal, Citizens Theatre), architecture and cultural happenings in this city. There are many festivals and events happening year round. With internet today, it’s very easy to check for last minute hotels in Glasgow, look what events are coming up and go!

Here are few of the festivals:

  • Glasgow International Comedy Festival
  • Glasgow International Jazz Festival
  • Celtic Connections
  • Glasgow Film Festival
  • West End Festival, Merchant City Festival
  • Glasgay (multi-arts festival for homosexuals and their friends)
  • World Pipe Band Championships.

There is not much left of the medieval Glasgow, most of the buildings are from the 19th century. If you’re interested in awesome architecture, here are some places to check out:

The Clyde Auditorium. Called Armadillo by Glaswegians, and that’s what it looks like. It is supposed to represent a set of ship’s hulls, but for me, it will always be that cute, funny-looking little fellow.

  • City Chambers. Headquarters of the Glasgow City Council. It’s built in Italian Renaissance style.
  • Glasgow Cathedral. Amazing example of a gothic style of architecture.
  • Glasgow University.

Check for last minute hotels near the places you want to see to save on travel expenses.

Some say that September would be the best time to visit Glasgow, since there are many things going on then. In summer, all the most popular venues will be open longer than usual, and hopefully the weather will be warm and sunny. There are no guarantees though, since the weather is known to change constantly. So be prepared with rainproof clothing or an umbrella, as well as sunglasses and sunscreen.

So it is possible to find last minute hotels in Glasgow, Scotland UK. Not only booking your hotel room but also vacation packages, car rentals and other travel deals. Using the hotel search you can easily find the accommodation that will suit your needs.

Also find hotels in London
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Find Frankfurt Hotels Online

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt could appear as a cold business city at first, due to the skyscrapers and stock exchange buildings, but underneath you’ll find something else. Cozy cafes and pubs and the riverbank are an opposite of the modern buildings. You could check for last minute hotels in Frankfurt and surprise your loved one with a wonderful weekend!

find last minute hotels in Frankfurt GermanyMany of Frankfurt’s buildings have been, at least partially, destroyed in the Second World War, but they have been restored to look like they did before. Some of the sites you should see are:

  • Saint Bartholomeus’s Cathedral. A beautiful gothic cathedral.
  • Maintower. A fourth largest skyscraper in Frankfurt. Unlike in the other skyscrapers, public has access to the Maintower. It has a unique look: it is round on the other side and square on the other.
  • Alte Oper. An old and famous opera house. Great music shows are held there.
  • Römerberg. Town Hall square, which is the oldest part of the city. The original buildings were badly destroyed in 1944, but they’ve been re-built, following the original look.
  • Museum Mile. It consists of 13 museums, all following the Main-river. They have some pretty exciting things.
  • Palmengarten. Frankfurt’s Palm Garden is one of the most amazing botanical gardens in Europe.
  • Frankfurt Zoo. One of the oldest in the world with 600 different species.

Now with the internet, it’s easy to find flight deals and last minute hotels in Frankfurt, Germany.

The summers are hot and winters cold in Frankfurt. Spring and fall could be ideal times to go, cheap prices and fewer tourists, but trade shows gather a lot of people. There are many events held throughout the year.

The Pure Frankfurt hotel is as white as it can be. It’s quite beautiful, but my eyes would get sore after a while. By night, the colors change to an orange kind-of look.

The Colour Hotel in Frankfurt, just as its name, is full of colors. In the lobby you can see a bright, neon green couch. The rooms are white with splashes of orange, green or some other bright colors.

So again, we update our website regularly to promote great vacation deals and last minute hotels in Frankfurt. Team
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Hotels in Germany

Dublin Last Minute Hotels Online

Dublin, Ireland

travel to Dublin, IrelandDublin is a famous theater city and it also organizes many music festivals, and has many concert places. The most famous festival held is the Saint Patrick’s Day in March. Most of the great sights are close to each other, so you can explore them all in a few days by walking. So, you could surprise someone, or just yourself, and check for last minute hotels in Dublin, book a flight and a fun weekend is ahead of you!

There are lots of centuries old buildings, churches, castles, parks, canals, bridges and the Temple bar area, where are only bars, pubs and restaurants.

You might want to check these out:

  • Dublin Castle. Symbol of the British dominion.
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral. The largest and most remarkable cathedral of Ireland. It’s very beautiful and pious place.
  • Phoenix Park. The largest public park in Europe. There are many games played on Sundays.
  • Bank of Ireland. There is an exhibition of the colorful history of the bank.
  • Trinity College. There are many idyllic old buildings in the college are, and the most famous of them is the library. Many of the books are centuries old.
  • Christ Church Cathedral. The oldest building in Dublin. The most important thing there is the old crypt.
  • Powerscourt Estate and Gardens. An idyllic park-like area with fountains, Italian gardens, animal cemetery, a cafe and small shops. The place is beautiful and a nice place for a trip outside of the fuss of the city.
  • The Guinness brewery. Needs no explanation.

Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to see to save on time and travel expenses.

The peak of tourist season is July and August. May, June and September would be quieter and the weather would still be nice. Winter has its own charm, but the days are quite dark and some of the attractions are closed. Wherever and whenever in Ireland, always remember to have a raincoat or an umbrella with you. has great special offers on attractions and info on what to do and see.

So look around, to spot great travel and vacation packages, different travel deals and last minute hotels in Dublin — we update our website regularly. Team
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Find Hotel Deals in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the biggest city of Denmark. It has over the years become quite a metropolis, but it is still intimate enough to feel safe. Most of the streets in the town center are pedestrian streets, and Strøget is one of the longest in Europe. Too bad for shopaholics, Copenhagen is quite an expensive city. To save money for shopping, you could check last minute hotels in Copenhagen.

find hotels in CopenhagenThere are lots of historical buildings, amazing architecture, famous art and beautiful parks in Copenhagen. Some of the sites you should see are:

  • DDC (Dansk Design Center). Since Copenhagen is a metropolis of design, DDC shows its development.
  • Rosenborg slot. A beautiful renaissance castle with a park, Kongens Have, which is the most popular meeting place in Copenhagen.
  • Amalienborg slot. The Danish royal family has been living there since 1794.
  • Zoologisk e have. One of the oldest zoos in the world.
  • Tivoli. Quite small amusement park, but a worthy experience.
  • Louisiana. One of the best modern art museums in the world.
  • The Little Mermaid statue. Based on the fairytale by H.C. Andersen.
  • Carlsberg breweries. Free tours for friends of beer!

Shopping for travel deals and last minute hotels in Copenhagen is easier than ever! Really, there’s so many places and it takes but a few minutes to book accommodations and have your flight e-tickets.

The best time to visit Copenhagen would be the warmest part of the year, from May to August, when the streets are full of life. Winter is usually cold, dark and quiet, since the Danes like to spend more time with their families indoors. On the first warm day of spring, the Danes flock outside and start enjoying the beautiful nature of their hometown. Most of the annual events are held in June and July.

The Nimb hotel has extraordinary details. The exterior is amazing, just like an Arabian palace! Amazing garden, and modern design inside.

So for vacation packages and last minute hotels in Copenhagen, look around our website and find cool travel deals for both your hotel room and your flight. Team
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Bucharest Last Minute

Bucharest, Romania

What are your options to find last minute hotels in Bucharest? First, with the internet, it’s easier than ever to find what you want even if it’s late. A quick search online and you can find travel deals for thousands of destinations and accommodations. So, last minute or not you’re pretty sure to find something good, quite fast.

hotels in bucharestBucharest is the biggest city of Romania, and also one of the biggest cities in Eastern Europe. It has kind of an bad reputation due to the communist era, but nowadays the city has gone through modernizations and now it’s a mix of old and new. The city is becoming more and more hip every day, so don’t be afraid and try something new with Bucharest!

While in Bucharest, you should at least see these things:

  • Muzeul satului. A Village Museum outdoors, which has traditional buildings.
  • Grigore Antipa. A Natural History Museum. Showcases which show animals in their real territory deserve a special mentioning.
  • Casa Poporului. Formerly called People’s palace, now the Parliament Palace. It’s said to be the second largest building in the world, right after Pentagon.
  • Cismigiu park. A beautiful place for couples to spend time. It’s the oldest park in the city, and it has a nice view to the lake.
  • Almost all of the churches and monasteries, really. They are quite extraordinary, because they have so many icons outside of the church.
  • There are many other museums as well, and some of them are smaller ones.

So browse around and look for deals on last minute hotels in Bucharest.

Spring and fall are the best (and most beautiful) times to visit Bucharest, although there will be lots of tourists then. Through May to August, the weather will be hot and dry, and power cuts are quite common.

The Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest hotel is where I would stay if I had the money. It actually looks like a palace! Big rooms and the lobby has huge columns. A lot cheaper one is Michelangelo hotel which also has huge rooms. I could live in one of them forever.

For last minute hotels in Bucharest, vacation packages, other travel deals and cheap hotels, look around our website. We regularly update our site which promotes different travel specials. Team
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Find Last Minute Hotels in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium

find last minute hotels in BrusselsJust decided to travel? Last minute hotel booking for Brussels is easier than ever with the internet. Plenty of options and different travel deals, just browsing around and you should find some vacation/business specials for flights and accommodations.

Brussels is considered to be the grey and gloomy capital of EU. But in fact, there are many interesting things beneath it including its history.

Brussels’ Grand-Place, Grote Markt, is considered as the most beautiful square in the world, and the heart of Brussels. There have been many events held there since Brussels was built, and that tradition isn’t going anywhere. There’s lot to see, for example the Town Hall. The Grand Place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so check it out.

One of the most known sights in Brussels, is the Manneken Pis (or Manneke Pis). It’s a statue of a boy urinating into a well.
Other sights are, for example Cinquantenaire triumphal arch, the Atomium, and over 40 museums.
A friend of beer must go to the Delirium coffee place! Over 2000 different beers are available from Belgium and around the world. There are also non-alcoholic drinks and you can buy gifts and memorabilia as well.

So look around for deals on last minute hotels in Brussels near the sights you want to see.

The best times to visit Brussels are summer and fall. Then the weather is quite warm and mild, and there’s lots going on on weekends. If you prefer less tourists, then go on winter. Despite the grayness, there’s still stuff going on. has a great directory of events and everything in Brussels. There are plenty of different packages available, for example romance, art, family, relaxation, shopping…

One of the strangest, but also the most beautiful, hotels has to be Hotel BLOOM!. There’s a different painting in every room and there’s lots of color everywhere. Trendy place where I would like to stay.

You may find deals that will fit your needs for last minute hotels in Brussels on our website. We update our site regularly so come back for other travel deals, accommodations specials and great vacation packages. Team
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Find Accommodations in Bristol

Bristol, UK

Looking to travel to the UK? You just planned your trip and decided to find last minute hotels in Bristol… First stay calm! Now online it’s easier and faster than ever to find hotels and book your travel needs rapidly.

Find hotels in Bristol UKHere’s some info about this great city in the UK. The architecture of Bristol varies a lot. You can observe the architectural timeline of the UK. There is so much to see in Bristol, that it would be ridiculous to list them all on this short article. Some of the places to visit are:

  • Bristol Zoo Gardens. The 5th oldest zoo in the world, with over 450 different animals. The zoo organizes different events, most of them have something to do with music, dance or theatre.
  • Blue Reef Aquarium and IMAX 3D Cinema. Displays the underwater world.
  • Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Great diversity of objects. Everything from art to dinosaurs.
  • Pirate Walks. A walking tour through the old harbourside.
  • Jump. Everything a child could dream of. Games for everyone!

There are also many parks, pubs that offer live music, theaters and comedy clubs. Many Banksy graffitis are found around the city, which are awesome. Check them out.

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Bristol is one of the warmest and sunniest cities of the UK, and the best time to visit would be summer. There are also lots of different festivals held during that period. Fall and Winter are the times of year when it rains the most, although it may rain whenever.

You could also decide the time of the trip depending on the different festivals or events, for example the Bristol Balloon Fiesta in August or the St Paul’s Carnival in June. probably has the best Bristol travel deals. There are links to different events (whether you want adventure, play sports or enjoy music or theatre), tips to travel with low budget and hotels in Bristol.

The Hotel Bristol Palace is absolutely gorgeous! It looks Victorian, inside and out! provides a way to find good vacation packages and last minute accommodations in Bristol.

If you decide to stop to London on your way (about 3 hour drive from Bristol), here you can certainly find hotels in London and other travel deals that would fit your needs. Team
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Find Hotels and Travel Deals in Bremen

Bremen, Germany

Just decided to travel and find last minute hotels in Bremen? Exciting isn’t? Look around our website and you’ll find different travel deals. Options galore, with the internet it’s easier and faster than even to book your trip online.

Find Hotels in Bremen, GermanyBremen has some beautiful gothic architecture, for example the Bremen Cathedral and the Town Hall. Many of the great places to visit are around the Old Town, Aldstad, and if you would like to see some of the more modern tourist attractions, check out these:

  • The Universum Bremen. A science museum with exceptional looks.
  • The Rhododendron-Park Bremen. Almost 50 hectares of botanical beauty.
  • The Bürgerpark. With 202 hectares, it’s the biggest privately funded park in Germany.
  • The Kunsthalle Bremen. Art from the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • The Town Hall (Rathaus). It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful Town Halls in Germany. It also has many shopping possibilities around it.
  • The Bremen Cathedral (St. Petri Dom). A beautiful cathedral from the 11th century with towers over 100 meters high.

If you like the Brothers of Grimm, check out the statue of The Town Musicians of Bremen.

Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to visit to save money.

The best time of year to visit Bremen, depends solely on what you want to do. There is some kind of festival or whatnot happening almost every month. Whenever you decide to go, remember an umbrella! There might be hailstorms. If you want to avoid crowds, May, June and September are the months for you.

Find offers for good vacation packages and last minute Bremen hotels. has great packages that offer everything from romance to relaxation and to adventure. The site has lots of information about everything.

One hotel that definitely stands out is the Designhotel ÜberFluss. Modern design with a special touch.

Hochzeitshaus-Bremen claims to be the smallest hotel in the world. It has only one room, so basically you’ll have the whole hotel to yourself. Too bad it’s 350€ for the first night…

So for last minute hotels in Bremen, browse around our site and hopefully you find some of the best travel deals online! Happy shopping. Team
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Berlin Last Minute Travel and Hotels

Berlin, Germany

find last minute Berlin hotelsTravelling is always fun and exciting. Whether you plan your trip months ahead or decide to leave at last minute, there are plenty of options for you. Thanks to our good friend, the internet, it’s as easy as pie to find last minute hotels in Berlin, Germany (Europe hotels and travel deals).

Berlin is a big city (891.82 km2 [344.3 sq mi]), actually it’s the second largest city in the EU, so there are plenty of things to do and see.
There are many museums, galleries, churches, landmarks, theaters, recreational activities and the nightlife is awesome.

Here are some must-sees:

  • The Brandenburg Gate. Used to be a symbol of Cold War division.
  • The Reichstag.
  • The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. One of Berlin’s iconic buildings.
  • And of course, the Berlin Wall.

If you want to see reminiscences of the DDR (German Democratic Republic) time, here are few spots to see in Eastern Berlin:

  • Marx-Engels Forum
  • State Council Building
  • Hohenschönhausen Memorial Center

And if you’re interested of the buildings that Nazis built:

  • The former Reichsbank
  • Tempelhof Airport
  • The former Reich Air Ministry

Berlin is also known of its nightlife and the liberal way of thinking. There are clubs and pubs for everyone’s liking.

Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to see to save money.

The best time to visit Berlin is from spring to fall. The weather is nice and there are lots to do during summer. Winters are cold and grey, but Christmas and New Year bring tourists to celebrate. Because of the uncertain weather, you should always be prepared with an umbrella.

Propeller Island City Lodge hotel is weird in every sense of the word. Extremely intriguing and even scary at times! The rooms are all different; one looks like a mini golf range, one has two prison cells, one with a flying bed and one has things that look like something a medieval torturer would love.

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Belgrade Last Minute Hotels

find last minute hotels in BelgradeTravelling is always fun and exciting. Whether you plan your trip months ahead or decide to leave at last minute, there are plenty of options for you. Thanks to our good friend, the internet, it’s as easy as pie to find last minute hotels in Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in the world, and it’s a nice combination of new and old.

The Belgrade Aviation Museum has very unique look, so even if you’re not interested of what’s inside, at least check the outside. The National Bank of Serbia also looks way different from any other bank I’ve seen.

Kalemegdan used to be a fortress, now there’s lot to do and see in there.

Skadarlija is a boheme block in favor of artists.

You should also see:

  • Terazije Fountain. Terazije is the central square of Belgrade. The obelisk-like fountain was used to bring water to Belgrade. Now it’s a famous drinking-fountain.
  • The Residence of Princess Ljubica (Konak kneginje Ljubice). The most typical type of architecture of its period. Prince Milos Obrenovic ordered it to be built for his wife and children.
  • The White Palace (Beli dvor). A palace inspired by English houses.
  • Belgrade Cathedral (Saborna crkva).
  • The National Museum. Over 400 000 objects.
  • Nikola Tesla Museum. Over 150 000 pieces of the life and work of Tesla, including his ashes.
  • Skadarlija (Skadarska street). Known as a bohemian quarter. Many people gather there every day. There are great places to eat, hang out and to do some shopping.

Using the search at the top of the page can help you find last minute hotels near the sights you want visit to save money and travelling time.

travel to Belgrade, SerbiaIn summer, the weather is hot and humid, especially in July and August. If you like that, that’ll be the perfect time to go. Otherwise, May would be a good month to visit Belgrade.

Belgrade is said to have the best night-life in Europe, so all party animals, go ahead and enjoy the cheap drinks after a hot day of sightseeing!

Now online, you can find good vacation packages, travel deals and last minute hotels in Belgrade. Zira Hotel has some extraordinary rooms. Team
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Finding Last Minute Hotels in Barcelona

find hotels in Barcelona, SpainYou just planned to travel to Spain, or did a while ago but just starting shopping for last minute hotels in Barcelona? Thanks to the internet, online booking makes a world of difference. No agent, no waiting. So look around our website and you may find travel deals the will satisfy your needs.

Probably the most extraordinary architecture you will ever see, is in Barcelona. A lot of the credit goes to Antoni Gaudí, who is the architect who has designed most of the amazing sights.

Now talking about Gaudí, you can’t really go to Barcelona and not see his most famous work, the La Sagrada Família! A church, that’s been built for over a 100 years, and still not nearly ready but totally worth the visit.

Other great places to visit are:

  • Park Güell. Amazing architecture with beautiful mosaics.
  • Casa Batlló. The local name means “House of Bones”, which describes its exterior perfectly.
  • Casa Milà, or La Pedrera. Designed to be an apartment, but now an attraction. The first floor can be seen for free, the second floor and roof costs. Other floors are forbidden to tourists.
  • The National Art Museum of Catalonia. Not only is the stuff inside great, you’ll have a great view of the city outside of the museum. Also, the fountain in front of the museum is something you will not believe, 15 minutes of music and light show.
  • Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to see to save money.

Spring or fall would be the best times to visit Barcelona if you don’t like crowds, and it’s relatively warm in those times of year. The prices are cheap in fall and there are many events too. Summer is hot and crowded.

So vacation packages and great travel deals for Barcelona, is an online place to consider! Also there are places online where they offer different kind of tours, a helicopter tour for example, and cheap hotels or apartments. Also, you may need to rent a car if you want to see more than just downtown! There are beautiful beaches about 25 km away from the city and a whole lot to discover. It’s worth paying for a car rental for a week or 2.

The Hotel Continental Barcelona has a beautiful classic design with amazing textures.

travel to Barcelona in SpainThanks for visiting us and come back, we update our website regularly! There’s definitely hope when it comes to last minute hotels! Most of the time it is possible to book the day before. Also depending on the places, it may be cheaper online then calling directly to make a reservation for your accommodation.

Find Hotels in Athens at Last Minute

find hotels in Athens, GreeceDefinitely exciting to travel, and the fact that you have just decided to find last minute hotels in Athens, makes things even more exciting but certainly nothing to worry about too much!

Athens is basically the center of everything in Greece. There are plenty of ruins to see. It’s extremely interesting to see all those buildings that used to be so grand in their time. Now destroyed by either nature or people, they are still pretty magnificent, and will get you to think how they used to be and how the people used to interact in them.

Temples of Erechtheum with female figured columns, Nike and of course, Parthenon. The Theatre of Dionysus can’t be left without a visit. Agora, an old meeting place and a market, is a sight to see with lots of different monuments and such. The Acropolis is also a must-see since many of the most famous sights are there, and it’s the most famous acropolis in the world. From the Lykavittos Hill, you can see the whole city.
Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to see to save money.

April-May and September-October are the months to go to Athens if you like cheap prices. Also, the weather is good, so that would be an ideal time. But if you like it hot, in many ways, July and August will suit you. The weather is at its hottest, packed with people, the prices are higher but you can certainly find best travel deals during that period of time.

For online vacation packages, whether it’s romance, family or culinary oriented, you can easily find customized vacation to your likings. Same goes for last minute hotels in Athens.

The Art Hotel is, just like its name, like a piece of art inside and out. The Diamond Hotel Athens’ exterior is true ancient Greek with columns and all. The rooms are all unique and pleasant looking.

Travelling to Athens in GreeceSo for finding the best places to book your last minute Athens hotels, browse our website and locate the deals that will accommodate your need! Greece is certainly a destination to write on a “to visit” list. And again, with the internet, it’s easier than ever to find hotels in Athens.
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