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Find Hotels in Tunisia

Tunisia has always been a mixture of cultures, languages and religions. Nowadays it’s just as filled with cultural mayhem. That’s because everybody loves this spicy African jewel!

find last minute Tunis hotelsIf you want to save some money, look around the internet for great deals concerning trips in different places in the country and such. You could also look for last minute hotels in Tunisia. There are many helpful sites to help you.

Port el Kantaoui is fun mix of Tunisian colorfulness and French elegance. It’s a beautiful place to spend your vacation with activities like golf, and a small botanical garden which has few exotic birds. There’s also Acqua Palace which is an aquatic park.

The zoo in Friguia is one of the most beautiful, and the best, zoos in the world. The area has been kept as authentic as possible, and the buildings there are nice. For movie freaks, the small town of Matmata is a must see, since the first Star Wars movie was filmed there. If you’re not into sci-fi, it still is place certainly worth the visit. There are apartments and a hotel carved into the rocks. The place is extremely fascinating. I wonder if there’s any last minute hotels there?

If you want to have an exciting trip, go to Sahara desert. There are many oasis’s, Deguechen being one of them. Actually Deguechen is a real town with hundreds of years old buildings. A fun contrast is that there are also some newer architecture.

The most well preserved amphitheater in the world is in El Djem. It’s the biggest building that was built during the reign of the Roman Empire.

It’s fairly warm in late spring and early summer. After that it gets really hot and it doesn’t really cool down in the evening either. Even fall is really hot. Remember that you don’t feel how hot it actually is when you’re on the beach!

November – May can be a cold time, so remember to book a hotel, whether it’s booked last minute or months in advance, which are suited to be accommodated during cold periods. The good thing is that the hotel prices are lower than in summer time and it is comfortable to have an adventure in this amazing country.

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