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Cruise Ships in Puerto Vallarta

cruise ships to Puerto Vallarta, MexicoDespite the violence in some parts of Mexico, there are still many places that are safe for tourists. Puerto Vallarta is one of them. It has cruise lines coming in regularly and tourism seems good.

The city is known for its pleasant beaches and definitely a great destination for a beautiful vacation.

For those who are not traveling to Puerto Vallarta cruise ship style but decided to fly in and find great accommodations, here are a few close to the beach hotels:

  • Plaza Pelicaos Club Beach Resort
  • Canto del Sol
  • Buganvillas Resort and Convention Center
  • Villa Premiere Hotel and Spa
  • Hotel Buenaventura
  • Hotel El Pascador
  • Hotel Rosita

What to do in Puerto Vallarta and what are the sightseeing places? Awakening your senses by admiring the beautiful sculptures by the beach is for sure one part of your vacation program. You can also do different tours and one-day trips. You can do whale watching and dolphin swims! Another great thing to do and quite an attraction is to watch the sand sculptors… wow! These guys are amazing! And how does it hold together anyway… Well, you may want to ask one of them how they do it… and perhaps you may want to learn a little bit of Spanish before that… 😉 You can also do horseback riding. You can do some sailing adventures. You can do snorkeling. And guess, what? A tone of other activities. There is plenty to do for your vacation!

You can find hotels in Puerto Vallarta online for cheap! They have beautiful hotels in town. Look around our website and you may find a special that pleases you. This is for sure an international destination where people from around the world come to visit and spend their vacation time… and this year after year!

So if your vacation cruise ship is making a stop at Puerto Vallarta, please take some time to go around town and enjoy the great restaurants, the bread, the music, etc…

At we can help you find some of the best travel deals online. Thanks for visiting and come back again. You can always find specials and last minute deals hanging around here.

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