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Find Hotels in Valencia Spain

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and it’s truly Spanish. It’s a young and easygoing city which everyone will like. The Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a great place for anyone who likes shopping. There are many great places to visit and most of the sights are in the old town.

Nowadays it’s easy to find last minute hotels in Valencia, search the internet for the best deals! It’ll make your holiday feel much better since you will only have to pay very little per night.

find last minute Valencia hotelsHere are few of the great sights to see in Valencia:

  • Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (The City of Arts and Sciences). There are five different areas about science and art, for example there’s something about dinosaurs and ancient Egypt. The building itself is quite remarkable too!
  • La Seu cathedral. A beautiful cathedral with a museum that has one of the most remarkable historical objects in the world, The Holy Grail of Valencia. It is said to be the one Jesus used in the last supper.
  • Plaza de la Virgen. A plaza near the cathedral with many significant structures, like Basilica de Virgen de Los Desamparados which is a very important church. The plaza is a common meeting place.
  • Bioparc zoo. One of the largest zoos in Europe which has almost perfect collection of African animals.
  • Barrio del Carmen. A remarkable quarter that is the old center of Valencia. There are ancient and medieval buildings, including towers that used to signify the place where to enter the city.

Check for last minute hotels near the area you intend to spend the most time in; it’s practical and saves money.

The weather is warm throughout the year. June is the most crowded time, although the festivals La Tomatina (August) and Feria de Julio (July) bring a lot of people to the city. If you want to avoid herds of tourists, May and June would be the best time to visit Valencia. Spring and fall are quite rainy. Whenever you decide to go to Valencia, look up last minute hotels in order to save money.

Spain definitely a great place for vacation! Also on our site, you can find car rental deals as well as all types of accommodations. If you plan on visiting other parts of Spain, you can Also find hotels in Madrid.
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