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Last Minute Deals and Travel to Dijon

Dijon, France

Probably everyone has heard about Dijon mustard. It’s extremely popular and the Dijonnais are proud of it. It’s not a surprise if you encounter Dijon mustard with uncommon flavors, such as honey or different fruits. The other thing they’re proud of, is their delicious wine. You can find vineyards that offer tours, which could include a little wine tasting.

find last minute hotels and travel to DijonDijon has an amazing medieval center which is closed from vehicles. Thanks to that, you can easily explore it by walking or by bike.

What would be a better surprise than to take your loved one to a romantic trip to one of French greatest cities? Book a last minute hotel and flight to Dijon and enjoy!

Dijon has preserved many architectural styles from the last 1000 years. Many of the houses from the 18th century still have people living in them. What makes the house in Dijon so amazingly different, are the roofs. They have geometric patterns with bright colors in them!

There are so many wonderful sights in Dijon, here’s just few of them:

  • Palais Ducal. A gorgeous building that has a museum with belongings of the Dukes of Burgundy. There are also great paintings.
  • Puits de Moïse. The Well of Moses monument.
  • St. Michel church. It is huge and beautiful.
  • Dijon Cathedral.
  • Notre Dame de Dijon. Amazing Gothic building from the 13th century.
  • The church of Saint-Benigne de Dijon.
  • Philippe II Le Hardi’s tomb and the Well of Moses.
  • Place de la Libération (Liberation Square)
  • Place François Rude (François Rude Square)

Our website can help you find last minute hotels in or near Dijon. You may consider renting a car to visit great places outside of town. France is filled with history and it’s not only downtown that you’ll find everything.

Fall would be a great time to visit Dijon, especially because of the wine harvest events. The summers are warm and rainy, and winters are cold, but not freezing.

So, whenever you want to visit Dijon, don’t hesitate! Try to book a last minute hotel in Dijon to save money for other things, some events for example. With the internet today you can easily find the best travel deals for any vacation destinations.

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