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Find Hotels in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

find last minute Zurich hotels, SwitzerlanDon’t let this city fool you. Although Zurich is the financial center of the world, it is elegant and beautiful city in many ways. There are world famous banks and big churches in comparison to idyllic coffee places and boutiques. Zurich really is an amazing mix of new and old, and this city is full of gold. Literally.

There are many sites on the internet that offer great deals and packages. Look up last minute hotels in Zurich. There are great ways to save money. There are great hotels in Europe and Zurich has its share of it.

The nightlife in Zurich is great. There are clubs that change place often. There’s also live music, mostly rock or jazz. If you like opera, ballet or classical music, you won’t get disappointed either.

There are many events held in Zurich throughout the year, for example different kind of music, art and theater festivals. There is also an annual public city campaign which changes themes. In the past some of them have been cows and huge flower pots.

Some of the great main sights are:

  • Fraum√ľnster. The first church in Zurich.
  • Grossm√ľnster. A huge, most remarkable church in Zurich.
  • Bahnhofstrasse. The most famous shopping boulevard in Zurich which has been credited as the most elegant in Europe. Check if there’s any last minute hotels available near there!
  • Kunsthaus. The best art gallery in Switzerland.
  • Paradeplatz. A plaza that’s perfect for checking out the people.
  • Uetliberg. It is the highest hill in Zurich. There is an amazing view to the city.

Other places such as parks are worthwhile too. The Zoological Garden has about 260 animal species. The Botanical Garden Zurich has about 15 000 plant and tree species, some of which are very rare.

Summers are usually quite hot in Zurich. Good thing that you can dive in to a clean lake unlike in many other places. Winters can get cold and snow usually comes and goes quite quickly. If the weather isn’t an obstacle to you, plan your trip according to the events in the city. Look up last minute hotels and deals in Zurich to save some money and enjoy!

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