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Cheap Last Minute Geneva Hotels

Geneva, Switzerland

find cheap hotels in GenevaGeneva is the second largest city in Switzerland. It is the head of many international organizations and many important deals have been made there.

Geneva is one of the safest places in the world, so you can safely explore the city and its beauties. So don’t hesitate to take your family there, book your last minute hotels in Geneva right now, save some money with it, and enjoy a trip through the city in a water bus.

There’s a saying that nobody knows about Swiss wines, because they’re so good that the Swiss drink it all themselves. It’s true. The wines in Geneva are quite cheap and really tasty.

There are many great things to see in Geneva, some of them include:

  • Jet D’Eau. A fountain that is most known of all the landmarks in Geneve. The huge water column is great to photograph in the evening, when 8 projectors cast a light to the majestic fountain. The jet of water can be seen from all over the city.
  • Palais des Nations. The Palace of Nations. There is a tour concerning the United Nations, which has become rather popular.
  • Cathedrale St-Pierre. This cathedral is the most famous church in Geneva. It is a mixture of different art movements and it has some amazing architectural details.
  • Saleve’s aerial railway. It’s actually on France’s side, but from there you’ll have pretty amazing view to Geneve and its surroundings (Mont Blanc for example).
  • A cruise in the Lake Geneva. It’s the second largest lake in Central Europe and the view is phenomenal. You can see Alps and even the Mont Blanc mountain from there.

Try to book a cheap last minute hotel somewhere near your must see sights. That will save a lot of money to be spent in something fun and interesting.

The weather in Geneva is usually quite pleasant. Mild winters and warm summers. July and August are in favor of tourists, but they are still nice months to go. June and September are ideal months: fewer tourist and cheaper hotel prices, plus it’s relatively warm. If you really want to save money, why don’t you try to book those cheap hotels even cheaper; book them last minute.
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