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Last Minute Bordeaux Hotels

Bordeaux, France

finding last minute hotels in BordeauxBordeaux is known around the world for its quality wines. Hence, the world’s biggest wine event, Vinexpo, is held in the city every other year.

Concerning wines, you can take part on wine tours. You can either participate in an organized tour or hire your own chauffeur and determine yourself what you want to see and when. The latter is cheaper and usually nicer in many ways. There are over 5000 vineyards, so you have plenty to choose from! You could also book a last minute hotel in Bordeaux, that’ll also save a lot of money.

There are numerous museums, sights, music venues, theaters and cinemas, so there is everything for everyone in Bordeaux. The city has a vibrant nightlife with different kind of clubs, whether you like hot or slow music.

The historical part of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage. There are many buildings and areas from the 18th century, actually more than in any other place in Europe.

Here are some of the prime of Bordeaux:

  • Grand Theatre de Bordeaux. An astounding theatre. It has 12 huge Corinthian columns which have statues on top of them.
  • Place de la Bourse. A plaza which represents some of the greatest architecture of its time. There is an amazing fountain in the middle of the plaza.
  • Les Quais. The district used to be a harbor, but now it is improved for tourism. The most famous bridge of Les Quais, Aquitaine, is also the largest in France.
  • St. Michel. The basilica and the gothic tower are some of the best sights in the city.
  • Jardin Public. An English style garden from the 18th century. It’s popular garden to spend your weekends in.
  • Esplanade des Quinconces. It’s said to be the most beautiful plaza in the city. Amazing buildings around it and many sights to visit.
  • Sainte-Catherine. A pedestrian street that is often called the longest in Europe. There are many shopping possibilities there.

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In Bordeaux you can experience quite a cold winter, and there’s not much sunlight in December and January. Spring is usually warm and nice and summers can get rather hot, with relatively small amounts of rain. Fall is usually pretty comfortable time of year. You could book a last minute hotel and flight to Bordeaux, and brighten up your fall!
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