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Find Hotels in Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Some people have the general idea of Russia that it’s decayed and dangerous place to be. Moscow on the other hand, feels safe and nice. And that it is. Don’t be afraid, check for last minute hotels in Moscow, it’s now easier than ever.

Moscow is the largest city in Europe, and it’s an important center of Russia’s economy, industry, education and culture. There is more than enough to see and do in this huge city. There are plenty of museums, churches, shopping centers and theaters.
Some of the sites include:

  • Kreml. Kreml is called the heart of old Russia. It’s an area surrounded by a very tall wall, where are many famous towers, churches, palaces and other buildings. Most of them are free to visit.
  • Red Square. World famous, centuries old square. There are many things to see there, for example Lenin’s mausoleum and St Basil’s Cathedral. The cathedral is amazing. It has nine colorful towers.
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. One of the largest orthodox churches in the world. The original was blown up in 1931, in order to build a Palace of the Soviets. The palace was never built though, and in 2000 the cathedral was built again from old blueprints.
  • Tretyakov Gallery. Russia’s national gallery, which is known around the world.
  • Pushkin Museum. Art from around the world. For example, it has mummies.
  • Andronikov Monastery. The monastery was built in 1360 and now it’s a museum.
  • BolÅ¡oi Theatre.
  • Kolomenskoye. An area with monasteries, churches and other buildings. There is a beautiful, huge park area with rare trees that are over 600 years old.

Find last minute hotels in Moscow near the places you want to visit to save time during your trip.

Spring and fall would be ideal times to visit Moscow. There aren’t many tourists around and the weather is quite pleasant. Summer is warm, but the city swarms with tourists. There can also be heavy rains in July and August. If you love snow, then you’ll love the winter in Moscow. The city is nicely covered with a lovely blanket of snow.

So for last minute hotels in Moscow, go at the top of our page use the search tool. You might find accommodations that fit your needs! Also look around for travel deals, great vacation packages and car rentals.
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