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Find Hotels in Kharkov - Vacation Deals

Kharkov, Ukraine

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine. There is significant weapon industry, and production of tanks and airplanes, in the city. Kharkov is the industrial center of Ukraine, and also cultural, scientific and educational capital. There are 80 libraries! Don’t think that the place is dull, on the contrary there are many fun things to do. Spend few nights in clubs, for example. Why don’t you book a last minute hotel in Kharkov right now!

Some of the sites include:

  • Many memorials. For example, a monument to the murdered kobzars, memorial for the murdered Ukrainian intellectuals by the NKVD, memorial for the thousands of Polish officers slaughtered by the NKVD.
  • Freedom Square. It’s the 3rd largest square in Europe.
  • Derzhprom (or Gosprom). The building was used as a symbol of modernity in its time. Later it was used as a television tower. There’s a certain feel of symmetry, which you can only feel in a one spot, in the center of the Freedom Square.
  • Taras Shevchenko Monument. He was a Ukrainian humanist, poet and an artist. He is considered to be the father of modern Ukrainian literature, and even the modern Ukrainian language.
  • The Assumption (or Dormition) Cathedral. It used to be the main Orthodox church in Kharkiv, until 1901. It has a beautiful bell tower with golden cupola.
  • The Annunciation Cathedral. The main Orthodox church in Kharkov. It has fun candy-striped exterior.
  • Chapel of Saint Tatiana. Small and beautiful, a bit funny looking chapel.

Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to visit to save money on your vacation accommodations.

The weather in Kharkov is hot at summer and cold in winter, but neither goes to extremes. So decide yourself when would be the best time to go to Kharkov.

You can find great vacation packages and last minute hotels in Kharkov online. rents apartments or hotel rooms for your stay. Some of them have really wacky design, for example one has a yellow wall with a sawtooth edge and a lightning crack in the middle. The colors are either bold or relaxing.

So look around our website to find last minute hotels in Kharkov. You’ll also so specials on travel deals, car rentals and other travel accommodations, whether it’s for vacation or a business trip. Come again as we update our site regularly.

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