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Find Hotels and Travel Deals in Bremen

Bremen, Germany

Just decided to travel and find last minute hotels in Bremen? Exciting isn’t? Look around our website and you’ll find different travel deals. Options galore, with the internet it’s easier and faster than even to book your trip online.

Find Hotels in Bremen, GermanyBremen has some beautiful gothic architecture, for example the Bremen Cathedral and the Town Hall. Many of the great places to visit are around the Old Town, Aldstad, and if you would like to see some of the more modern tourist attractions, check out these:

  • The Universum Bremen. A science museum with exceptional looks.
  • The Rhododendron-Park Bremen. Almost 50 hectares of botanical beauty.
  • The Bürgerpark. With 202 hectares, it’s the biggest privately funded park in Germany.
  • The Kunsthalle Bremen. Art from the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • The Town Hall (Rathaus). It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful Town Halls in Germany. It also has many shopping possibilities around it.
  • The Bremen Cathedral (St. Petri Dom). A beautiful cathedral from the 11th century with towers over 100 meters high.

If you like the Brothers of Grimm, check out the statue of The Town Musicians of Bremen.

Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to visit to save money.

The best time of year to visit Bremen, depends solely on what you want to do. There is some kind of festival or whatnot happening almost every month. Whenever you decide to go, remember an umbrella! There might be hailstorms. If you want to avoid crowds, May, June and September are the months for you.

Find offers for good vacation packages and last minute Bremen hotels. has great packages that offer everything from romance to relaxation and to adventure. The site has lots of information about everything.

One hotel that definitely stands out is the Designhotel ÜberFluss. Modern design with a special touch.

Hochzeitshaus-Bremen claims to be the smallest hotel in the world. It has only one room, so basically you’ll have the whole hotel to yourself. Too bad it’s 350€ for the first night…

So for last minute hotels in Bremen, browse around our site and hopefully you find some of the best travel deals online! Happy shopping. Team
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