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Belgrade Last Minute Hotels

find last minute hotels in BelgradeTravelling is always fun and exciting. Whether you plan your trip months ahead or decide to leave at last minute, there are plenty of options for you. Thanks to our good friend, the internet, it’s as easy as pie to find last minute hotels in Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in the world, and it’s a nice combination of new and old.

The Belgrade Aviation Museum has very unique look, so even if you’re not interested of what’s inside, at least check the outside. The National Bank of Serbia also looks way different from any other bank I’ve seen.

Kalemegdan used to be a fortress, now there’s lot to do and see in there.

Skadarlija is a boheme block in favor of artists.

You should also see:

  • Terazije Fountain. Terazije is the central square of Belgrade. The obelisk-like fountain was used to bring water to Belgrade. Now it’s a famous drinking-fountain.
  • The Residence of Princess Ljubica (Konak kneginje Ljubice). The most typical type of architecture of its period. Prince Milos Obrenovic ordered it to be built for his wife and children.
  • The White Palace (Beli dvor). A palace inspired by English houses.
  • Belgrade Cathedral (Saborna crkva).
  • The National Museum. Over 400 000 objects.
  • Nikola Tesla Museum. Over 150 000 pieces of the life and work of Tesla, including his ashes.
  • Skadarlija (Skadarska street). Known as a bohemian quarter. Many people gather there every day. There are great places to eat, hang out and to do some shopping.

Using the search at the top of the page can help you find last minute hotels near the sights you want visit to save money and travelling time.

travel to Belgrade, SerbiaIn summer, the weather is hot and humid, especially in July and August. If you like that, that’ll be the perfect time to go. Otherwise, May would be a good month to visit Belgrade.

Belgrade is said to have the best night-life in Europe, so all party animals, go ahead and enjoy the cheap drinks after a hot day of sightseeing!

Now online, you can find good vacation packages, travel deals and last minute hotels in Belgrade. Zira Hotel has some extraordinary rooms. Team
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