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Finding Last Minute Hotels in Barcelona

find hotels in Barcelona, SpainYou just planned to travel to Spain, or did a while ago but just starting shopping for last minute hotels in Barcelona? Thanks to the internet, online booking makes a world of difference. No agent, no waiting. So look around our website and you may find travel deals the will satisfy your needs.

Probably the most extraordinary architecture you will ever see, is in Barcelona. A lot of the credit goes to Antoni Gaudí, who is the architect who has designed most of the amazing sights.

Now talking about Gaudí, you can’t really go to Barcelona and not see his most famous work, the La Sagrada Família! A church, that’s been built for over a 100 years, and still not nearly ready but totally worth the visit.

Other great places to visit are:

  • Park Güell. Amazing architecture with beautiful mosaics.
  • Casa Batlló. The local name means “House of Bones”, which describes its exterior perfectly.
  • Casa Milà, or La Pedrera. Designed to be an apartment, but now an attraction. The first floor can be seen for free, the second floor and roof costs. Other floors are forbidden to tourists.
  • The National Art Museum of Catalonia. Not only is the stuff inside great, you’ll have a great view of the city outside of the museum. Also, the fountain in front of the museum is something you will not believe, 15 minutes of music and light show.
  • Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to see to save money.

Spring or fall would be the best times to visit Barcelona if you don’t like crowds, and it’s relatively warm in those times of year. The prices are cheap in fall and there are many events too. Summer is hot and crowded.

So vacation packages and great travel deals for Barcelona, is an online place to consider! Also there are places online where they offer different kind of tours, a helicopter tour for example, and cheap hotels or apartments. Also, you may need to rent a car if you want to see more than just downtown! There are beautiful beaches about 25 km away from the city and a whole lot to discover. It’s worth paying for a car rental for a week or 2.

The Hotel Continental Barcelona has a beautiful classic design with amazing textures.

travel to Barcelona in SpainThanks for visiting us and come back, we update our website regularly! There’s definitely hope when it comes to last minute hotels! Most of the time it is possible to book the day before. Also depending on the places, it may be cheaper online then calling directly to make a reservation for your accommodation.

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