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Antwerp Last Minute Hotels

travelling to Antwerp in BelgiumThe pleasure of travelling is grand so are the online travel specials for Antwerp in Belgium. If you didn’t have a chance to plan your trip head and just decided to book your hotel last minute, look around our website and you may find something you like.

Antwerp has some of the most amazing architecture that I’ve seen. Antwerp is known of diamonds, so men, if you go there, remember your lady a little. Antwerp has also become a fashion city, so ladies will have to remember not to spend all their money in clothes and accessories! Antwerp is also a great place for romantics, so this city really suits everyone!

There’s a lot to see in Antwerp, and here’s some of the must-sees:

  • Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten van Antwerpen (Royal Museum of Fine Arts). It has a lot to see from the 14th to the 20th century.
  • Rubenshuis. It’s now a museum, but it used to be the home of Peter Paul Rubens.
  • Boerentoren. It is the oldest skyscraper in Europe.
  • Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal (Cathedral of our Lady). The tallest building in Antwerp, with paintings by Rubens.
  • Het Steen is the oldest building in Antwerp. An old castle, which is the only remain of Antwerps fortification.
  • Antwerp zoo. It’s one of the oldest, and famous, in the world with almost 800 different species.

So you may want to decide on the places you want to visit and book your hotel near them. Whether last minute or not, you can find travel packages that also include car rental if you are farther away from the places you want to visit.

If you want to go to Antwerp when it’s most warm, May through September is the time to go. The weather in that area is known to change quickly though, so be prepared to everything.

Summer is a busy time in Antwerp, so if you prefer quieter periods, late fall to early spring is the time for you.

You can find online tourist guides for the best travel deals to Antwerp. Brussels South airport offers some really cheap flights, though you’ll have to travel to Antwerp by a taxi, for example. Different places online will also offer different vacation packages and last minute hotels in Antwerp. But feel free to look around before you go!

You can also find online info on the different hotels in Antwerp. One that is recommended is for a good stay is the Hotel Firean. It’s the most charming hotel in whole of Belgium! It’s extremely beautiful and classic.

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