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Last Minute Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam, NetherlandsTravelling is always fun and exciting. Whether you plan your trip months ahead or decide to leave at last minute, there are plenty of options for you. Thanks to our good friend, the internet, it’s as easy as pie to find last minute hotels in Amsterdam.

If you’re into art and history, you won’t be disappointed. There are over 50 museums in Amsterdam! You’ll have to see the Rijksmuseum (national museum) and Van Gogh museum. If you’re into some weird stuff, Museum Vrolik is your place. Preserving human remains in jars for the name of science. That’s Vrolik for you.

The best way to see the city is by walking. The architecture is so amazing that you can’t possibly just flash past all of the buildings. And if you’re into romantics, try walking with your loved one in Amsterdam by night. Beautiful lights. A cruise in a canal or a horse carriage ride would also be recommended.

So to save money either on car rental or other travel expenses, you might want to check last minute hotels near the locations you want to visit.

If you’re looking for the best time to visit Amsterdam, there’s not a specific time. Just go there whenever you want! There are different kinds of festivals throughout the year, whether it’s the New Year’s celebration with endless fireworks or Amsterdam Roots Festival, a music festival, in June. The last one is free, by the way!

If you are looking for a cheap trip, you should go to Amsterdam in winter. In January, the flights and hotel rooms are cheap, and the stores have huge discount sales. There aren’t many tourists in that time either, so you’ll get a better look at the “normal” life in Amsterdam. Only down points are, that the days are quite short and cold.

For hotels in Amsterdam, check around our website. There are a lot of different specials for hotels, hostels, apartments, B&B’s and houseboats. Also you can find good vacation packages and last minute hotels in Amsterdam.

Just a side note, but for anyone looking for luxury hotels in Amsterdam, the Lloyd Hotel is one of extraordinary design and style.

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