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10 best tips to find last minute hotels

10 best ways to find last minute hotelsHere’s a collection of tips on where and how to find last minute hotels. Today, with the fast internet and all the competition possibilities, the concept of “last minute hotels” is not as stressful as before.

  1. Search Engines: Use search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN Bing and type in a precise description of what you want.
  2. Browser Tabs: Do that several times, keeping a new browser window (or browser tab) open for each travel site that had a good special.
  3. Decision point: After having a feeling of satisfaction about your search, you may have about 4 or 5 windows open at the point, then you start the elimination process to select your “last minute hotels.”
  4. Keeping bookmarks: Keep a bookmark of that travel website so that next time you do not have to search so much. That way you become an expert online travel buyer!
  5. Cheaper Hotels: For cheaper accommodations, the concept of “last minute hotels” is not a big issue. You may save a little bit of money (a few pounds/dollars) but nothing substantial. So if you are traveling and wanting a standard hotel room, you probably don’t have to worry to much about doing a long research to save just a few pennies. On the other end, luxury hotel rooms or hotels with higher standards may work a little different since there is more play in the price and cut deals.
  6. Shopping time: It’s all about saving time! It’s already fast to shop for travel deals online. You could probably find last minute hotels on any major travel website without having to look that extra time. Of course if you have all the time in the world, take all the time you need and use the online shopping travel tips I gave at number 1, 2 and 3.
  7. Last minute attitude: Finding last minute hotels has to do with your own intention to find a special….. Yes, if you got the idea that “well, I’m already too late who could find a deal” attitude then you might not find a good hotel deal. Or the opposite could not be good either “I MUST find a last minute hotel deal RIGHT NOW or ….” attitude may be stress full. Play with this while keeping a good intention to find good travel deals!
  8. Friends: Call a friend that has already bought some specials online. It might not fit your needs but minimally it gives you a place to start from if you have no idea. Word of mouth is the old, old way but still works.
  9. Airfare websites: Many websites selling flight tickets or promoting cheap airfare tickets, also have hotel deals. It’s possible that you’ll find travel packages that will actually bring the cost down or it’s simply more convenient for you. So although a site may pushing flight tickets, by looking around on the website, you may discover hotel deals.
  10. Find last minute hotels is in general pretty easy! Don’t panic and stay positive. Seems like a boring tip… but just keeping it simple is probably one of the best last minute travel tip I could give you 🙂

So hopefully this inspired you to stay positive in your last minute search and if you want to comment or give us some suggestion, please don’t hesitate to leave a message.

Thank you,

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