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23 of the best places to travel in Europe

Europe has a a tone of beautiful destinations! Here’s a little video that can inspire you when you are getting ready to travel the old Europe.

If you are traveling from America, Europe is quite a different world… but a must-see one!

In this video, you will see 23 of the best cities to visit:

St. Tropez


Find Cheap Last Minute Hotels in Los Angeles

Hotels in Los Angeles County

Let us explore the wide world of Los Angeles! One of the larger cities in the world — second in the U.S. — LA offers such an amazing array of fun things to do that it’s absolutely really hard to cover it all in one article.

Let’s start by listing some hotels:

Figueroa Hotel
939 South Figueroa St., LA, (213) 627-8971
This hotel is located downtown close to the Staples Center and the Convention Center. So for those who need to book last minute for business purpose this could be good for you. Personally, if you are traveling for pleasure (not for business), I wouldn’t stay downtown LA. Let me put it this way, it’s not like New York or San Francisco. It’s kind of dead and at night sort of scary. But for business, it’s really fine.

Santa Monica hotel suggestion

Now if you want a great location for vacation, let me transport you to Santa Monica:

Georgian Hotel
1415 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica (310) 395-9945
Now this is location! Santa Monica is basically the main beach public beach (as well as Venice Beach) for Los Angeles. It’s a classier area then Venice. Venice is more artsy and very entertaining. Santa Monica has many many great restaurants, plenty of place to walk, plus you have the 3rd Street Promenade (a street with no car access — just pedestrians) with plenty of shopping.

Though we listed just one hotel in Santa Monica, realize that there are several more.

Wrightwood vacation

Now let me bring you to the north east part of Los Angeles County: Wrightwood.

If the beach is not only what you want during your vacation, Wrightwood is in the mountains at about 6,000 ft elevation. During winter, this place is covered with snow and there is ski resort called Mountain High. The Canyon Creek Inn could be an option for you. There’s also Best Western Cajon Pass hotel about 10 miles away which you could probably book last minute but in the peak ski season, this could be harder, so you may want to book in advance. Now, going there during summer is absolutely fantastic. It’s up in the mountain (make sure you rent a car at the airport before going toward the San Gabriel Mountains) and the view is spectacular. There are so many trails in those mountains — amazing trails. So if you like nature and hiking, we strongly recommend Wrightwood. The downtown is pretty small but very cozy.

You haven't seen LA without Hollywood

Now, you’re not done touring LA. There’s also Hollywood!

Hollywood is a totally different world. There are many hotels in the area. From luxury accommodations to very simple inns.

Our recommendation is The Magic Castle Hotel. It’s smack in the middle. You can walk to Hollywood & Highland (what used to be called the Kodak Theater). There is the Chinese Theater. You have the star on the sidewalk and wax museums. If you like music go a little bit more west, on the Sunset Strip, and you’ll find pretty much the best in LA (The House of Blues, a bit further the Key Club, the Whisky, etc).

So hope we gave you some ideas. And click here for more LA ideas.

Bon voyage!

Find Last Minute Deals to Saint-Tropez

find cheap last minute hotels in Saint Tropez, FranceSaint-Tropez has been the place for the fashion elite since 1920. It became especially popular internationally in the 50’s thanks to the French actress Brigitte Bardot. Don’t be surprised if you see a celebrity or two! Check the latest celebrity news, book a last minute hotel in Saint-Tropez and go see your favorite star!

Saint-Tropez has been a place of inspiration and work to many artists, such as Matisse. There is still artist who have come to Saint-Tropez to paint.

There are few museums to check out. For example the Citadelle Museum is a reminder of the city’s past, and the Annonciade Museum has works from the 19th century and forward. You could also check out the churches of the area. Cap Taillat area has the rarest plant species of Saint-Tropez.
There are also some clubs to spend a fun night in and cafés to relax.

Every October a regatta is held in the port, which brings many boats to the place. Many come to see the event. The regatta isn’t the only thing that brings boats. There are numerous yachts boasting every day.
There are many great beaches in the Baie de Pampelonne with beach huts. There are also opportunities to many different water sports, including windsurfing, scuba diving and water skiing. Pampelonne isn’t the only place with awesome beaches, they are found all over the place. Pick your favorite beach and search the internet for last minute hotels and best travel deals to save money.

Late spring and September would be perfect times to see the beauty of the nature, since there won’t be so many crowds blocking your view.

Although summer is the most crowded time of the year in Saint-Tropez, it’s still the best time to go if you want to enjoy the beaches. Spring and fall have good weather and you won’t get cold. Winters aren’t freezing and there’s still lot to do in that time of the year, so Saint-Tropez really is great place to go in every season.

Since Saint-Tropez is in favor of the Jet set, we “normal people” should do everything in order to save money. My advice would be: search last minute hotels in Saint-Tropez, preferably take a last minute flight and investigate the internet for the best deals not only accommodation but also discount airfare.
Helping you find hotels online for your vacation!

Find Cheap Hotels Marseille

Marseille, the second largest city in France, has its traditions, and it’s filled with culture and beautiful architecture.

If you’re a person who likes to discover the “real” place beneath all the popular sights, Marseille is your kind if city. There are many things, like colorful markets, that gives you an idea of the real Marseillians.

In any case, this is an interesting city to visit. If you want to save money, check the internet for cheap last minute hotels in Marseille.

Here are some of the sights you should not miss:

  • Vieux-Port. The Old Port of Marseille. Visiting Marseille would be nothing without seeing this place. It has been the city’s main port since forever. There’s a market for fish every day. You won’t get fresher fish anywhere; some of them are still alive! There are many good cafés and restaurants around the port.
  • Notre-Dame de la Garde basilika. This basilica is situated in the highest point of Marseille. The basilica is very important, and it’s really the city’s symbol. On top of the bell tower is a beautiful golden statue of Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus, which is seen in almost every part of Marseille.
  • Palais Longchamp Marseille. This palace is one of the most gorgeous in the city. In its premises, are the largest art museum of the city (musée des Beaux-Arts), Canal de Marseille museum and a natural history museum. One of France’s best garden areas, Parc Longchamp, surrounds the palace. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
  • Rue St Ferreol. A district that is basically concentrated on shopping. It mostly consists of pedestrian streets, so that makes the shopping experience more comfortable. For someone who is interested in fashion, there’s a fashion museum, Musée de la Mode, which has designs from the last 30 years.
  • Château d’If. If you’re familiar with “The Count of Monte Cristo”, you’ll definitely know this place. It is a prison, which has been very famous ever since Alexandre Dumas published his book, The Count of Monte Cristo, in 1844.

find cheap last minute hotels in Marseille, FranceThe weather is quite pleasant in any time of year. Winter isn’t actually cold; there is rarely even any frost. Most of the people visit Marseille during summer so that would be very crowded time.

Whenever you decide to visit Marseille, look up cheap last minute hotels. There are many sites in the internet that will give you the best deals.

France is of course of the worlds most popular country as a vacation destination. When you going to France you can rent a car to travel from city to city but you could (and should) make use of their fast train. You could travel with the TGV from your hotel in Paris to Marseille in just a few hours!! But of course you don’t get to drive through all the beautiful villages.

You may want to learn a little French before you go though realize that the folks in Marseille have a different accent than the ones in France.
Helping you find cheap hotels online… and airfare and car rental!

Find Hotels in Tunisia

Tunisia has always been a mixture of cultures, languages and religions. Nowadays it’s just as filled with cultural mayhem. That’s because everybody loves this spicy African jewel!

find last minute Tunis hotelsIf you want to save some money, look around the internet for great deals concerning trips in different places in the country and such. You could also look for last minute hotels in Tunisia. There are many helpful sites to help you.

Port el Kantaoui is fun mix of Tunisian colorfulness and French elegance. It’s a beautiful place to spend your vacation with activities like golf, and a small botanical garden which has few exotic birds. There’s also Acqua Palace which is an aquatic park.

The zoo in Friguia is one of the most beautiful, and the best, zoos in the world. The area has been kept as authentic as possible, and the buildings there are nice. For movie freaks, the small town of Matmata is a must see, since the first Star Wars movie was filmed there. If you’re not into sci-fi, it still is place certainly worth the visit. There are apartments and a hotel carved into the rocks. The place is extremely fascinating. I wonder if there’s any last minute hotels there?

If you want to have an exciting trip, go to Sahara desert. There are many oasis’s, Deguechen being one of them. Actually Deguechen is a real town with hundreds of years old buildings. A fun contrast is that there are also some newer architecture.

The most well preserved amphitheater in the world is in El Djem. It’s the biggest building that was built during the reign of the Roman Empire.

It’s fairly warm in late spring and early summer. After that it gets really hot and it doesn’t really cool down in the evening either. Even fall is really hot. Remember that you don’t feel how hot it actually is when you’re on the beach!

November – May can be a cold time, so remember to book a hotel, whether it’s booked last minute or months in advance, which are suited to be accommodated during cold periods. The good thing is that the hotel prices are lower than in summer time and it is comfortable to have an adventure in this amazing country.

Look around our website and find travel deals for all types of destinations in Africa. Get yourself a rented car and find great airfare and the accommodations of your choice. You can still find last minute deals!
Helping you find hotels online!

Venezuela Deals and Hotels

find Venezuela travel and last minute hotel deals onlineVenezuela is the jewel of South-America. Although it’s not the biggest country there is, it does have some of the biggest things in the world anyway! There is the biggest lake in South-America, the highest waterfall in the world and the longest snake.

Search the internet for some vacation packages or travel deals that will allow you to experience Venezuela to the fullest with minimal cost. Last minute hotels will also save money.

Isla de Margarita is the center of Venezuela’s tourism. The good thing is that tourism hasn’t changed the authenticity of the place. The best beaches of Venezuela are no doubt in Isla de Margarita. There are also many activities or you could just relax. find out if there’s any last minute hotels there.
Méreida is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains. It has the best opportunities for outside sports, paragliding or rafting for example.

Salto Angel is the highest waterfall in the world. It is so amazing that there are no words to describe its magnificence. You have no choice but to go swimming underneath it! There are also many interesting animals and plants in the area. (also find last minute travel deals for Venezuela and and many other vacation destinations.)

Relámpago del Catatumbo is a mystery with none to match. There is an eternal storm in the Catacumbo river with lightnings flashing 280 times per hour. The freaky thing is, as if thousands of lightnings a day isn’t strange enough, there is no sound of the thunder grumbling.

Venezuela really has two seasons: rainy between May and October, and dry between November and April. The best time to visit Venezuela depends solely on what you are going to do on your vacation.

Dry season is best for hiking and mountain climbing (you would want to walk on a slippery trail!) and for viewing the animals which hide during rain. If you want to see the Angel Falls, rainy season would be best since the waterfall looks more magnificent.

If you want to save some money on your trip, poke around the internet to find some tips. There are many good sites that offer information about the best travel deals and vacation packages. You could also look for last minute hotels in Venezuela. They will sometimes save even 70% of your money!
Helping you find hotels and travel deals online!

Bahamas Deals and Hotels


There are more than enough activities to suite everyone’s liking. You will have an opportunity to see the beauty of this place both underwater and above it. Whether you like an active vacation or a relaxing one, maybe even romantic, you won’t be disappointed in this place!

find hotels in the BahamasSearch the internet for last minute hotels and best travel deals in the Bahamas. Maybe you’ll find a cheap place to spend the nights in and almost free, if not actually free, trips and activities around the islands. There are plenty of sites in the internet that help you to find great opportunities to save money on your trip by giving you tips of free activities and cheap tours etc.

There are many museums in the Bahamas, especially in Nassau, which tell the story of the varied cultural history of the islands. The Pirates Museum of Nassau is an interesting place both to kids and adults. Not only do museums tell about the culture, but many events as well. Junkanoo is the most popular festival in the Bahamas which fills every place with music, dance and great costumes. See if there are any travel deals concerning the Junkanoo.

If you want to avoid crowds, the Out Islands are a good place to go. You have beautiful beaches to relax in peace. Search the internet for last minute hotels in that area. It will save you a lot of money and it will be fun and different to stay in some place that most of the other people do not!

The weather in the Bahamas is always warm. Winters are nowhere near cold. The rainy season is between May and October, so if a little rain doesn’t bother you, it really is up to you when to go to the Bahamas!
The accommodation varies a lot, depending if you have a lot of money to spend or just a little, still the hotels etc. are of good quality. Try to find last minute hotels in the Bahamas; maybe you’ll get a room from one of the more expensive resorts in an affordable price! If you want to see more Caribbean hotel deals.

To tour the place you may want to rent a car on the island. Also there is a tone of activities you can in the ocean such as snorkeling and abusing of life a little! You can do windsurfing or just rent a boat and go around the island. Bahamas has great hotels and you can find last minutes deals online here on our website. You can also find other types of accommodations and airfare.
Helping you find hotels online!

Travel to Mexico and Find Hotels


simply find hotels in Mexico fast, last minute or notThe people in Mexico are kind, considerate and family oriented. The country itself is very interesting. Villages, beaches and many other places are well worth a visit. There is everything for everyone, whether you are interested in architecture, adventure, partying, surfing, etc. you will not get bored!

There are many sites in the internet that offer good information about things to do and see in Mexico. There are sites that will help you find the best quality last minute hotels, best travel deals and vacation packages, for example. Use them to make the holiday of your dreams!

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and filled with exciting things to see and do.

Guanajuato is a small but even more interesting place! The architecture is amazing and there is a museum that has over hundred mummies of all ages fully dressed. Acapulco on the other hand is a great place to relax or go clubbing. You wouldn’t believe the parties they have!

Cozumel is an island in favor of divers. All the exotic animals (sharks, sting rays etc) and plants make it amazing. You can find some great deserted beaches in western Oaxaca, where you could sleep in a tent for example. There are also some monuments there. A fun idea: book your hotel in Cozumel in the last minute but not for every night. Stay in one of those beaches! Extremely inexpensive and exciting!

Real de Catorce has some great sights including a holy mountain of the Indians, Cerro Quemado. Grutas de Cacahuamilpa is an extraordinary cave with tunnels carved by water.

Central Mexico has cool nights throughout the year. South coast will always be at least warm. There’s no snow in Mexico, unless you are going to climb high. August and September will have more rain than any other month in Mexico since it’s the hurricane season.

No matter when you decide to visit Mexico, you will surely remember it. Like I first said, let the internet help you. It’s nowadays easier than ever to find the best deals in seconds. Change your routines; look for last minute hotels and flights to Mexico and start enjoying yourself.

There are great specials and travel deals to Mexico online. Look around our website! Also there are last minute deals for hotels and accommodations. If you are going to visit outside the city then you should rent a car. You can always use public transportation or a bus but to have more freedom find a rental place that will you have a car for cheap! Totally worth it!
Helping you find hotels online!

Cruise Ships in Puerto Vallarta

cruise ships to Puerto Vallarta, MexicoDespite the violence in some parts of Mexico, there are still many places that are safe for tourists. Puerto Vallarta is one of them. It has cruise lines coming in regularly and tourism seems good.

The city is known for its pleasant beaches and definitely a great destination for a beautiful vacation.

For those who are not traveling to Puerto Vallarta cruise ship style but decided to fly in and find great accommodations, here are a few close to the beach hotels:

  • Plaza Pelicaos Club Beach Resort
  • Canto del Sol
  • Buganvillas Resort and Convention Center
  • Villa Premiere Hotel and Spa
  • Hotel Buenaventura
  • Hotel El Pascador
  • Hotel Rosita

What to do in Puerto Vallarta and what are the sightseeing places? Awakening your senses by admiring the beautiful sculptures by the beach is for sure one part of your vacation program. You can also do different tours and one-day trips. You can do whale watching and dolphin swims! Another great thing to do and quite an attraction is to watch the sand sculptors… wow! These guys are amazing! And how does it hold together anyway… Well, you may want to ask one of them how they do it… and perhaps you may want to learn a little bit of Spanish before that… 😉 You can also do horseback riding. You can do some sailing adventures. You can do snorkeling. And guess, what? A tone of other activities. There is plenty to do for your vacation!

You can find hotels in Puerto Vallarta online for cheap! They have beautiful hotels in town. Look around our website and you may find a special that pleases you. This is for sure an international destination where people from around the world come to visit and spend their vacation time… and this year after year!

So if your vacation cruise ship is making a stop at Puerto Vallarta, please take some time to go around town and enjoy the great restaurants, the bread, the music, etc…

At we can help you find some of the best travel deals online. Thanks for visiting and come back again. You can always find specials and last minute deals hanging around here.

Find other hotel deals in different locations of Mexico

Late Deals Spring Break 2011

Each year millions of students have school break (Spring Break) and many will be traveling around the world. It is possible to find last minute hotels online for this year’s Spring Break.

Many will use this time to relax home, others will study even more and you have the crowd that will decide to go online and get the best travel deals they can put their hands on and go places.

Please travel safely and don’t give in to peer pressure. Many will go into wild parties where drugs and alcohol are used abusively. There are places the Spanish islands where parties are out of control. Why do you need to go that far? Anyway, I don’t want to start preaching but it is possible to travel and have a great time drug-free.

So for Spring Break this year, look around our website and find last minute hotels that fit your budget. You can places that offer packages (flight and hotel room).

Students are usually not the richest people so travel cheap becomes important. Browsing around to discover the best travel deals can also be fun… and quick! Today with the internet you can find deals in no time and it’s easy go from one travel website to another to see the differences in price.

Make the best of this spring break vacation and though it’s late, you can still find deals for a very fun, cheap vacation.

From flights to accommodations, feel free to look around for last minute hotels. You may want to find a good deal for car rentals too.

Spring break travel tips

Thanks for visiting and happy Spring Break!

Find Hotels in Valencia Spain

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and it’s truly Spanish. It’s a young and easygoing city which everyone will like. The Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a great place for anyone who likes shopping. There are many great places to visit and most of the sights are in the old town.

Nowadays it’s easy to find last minute hotels in Valencia, search the internet for the best deals! It’ll make your holiday feel much better since you will only have to pay very little per night.

find last minute Valencia hotelsHere are few of the great sights to see in Valencia:

  • Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (The City of Arts and Sciences). There are five different areas about science and art, for example there’s something about dinosaurs and ancient Egypt. The building itself is quite remarkable too!
  • La Seu cathedral. A beautiful cathedral with a museum that has one of the most remarkable historical objects in the world, The Holy Grail of Valencia. It is said to be the one Jesus used in the last supper.
  • Plaza de la Virgen. A plaza near the cathedral with many significant structures, like Basilica de Virgen de Los Desamparados which is a very important church. The plaza is a common meeting place.
  • Bioparc zoo. One of the largest zoos in Europe which has almost perfect collection of African animals.
  • Barrio del Carmen. A remarkable quarter that is the old center of Valencia. There are ancient and medieval buildings, including towers that used to signify the place where to enter the city.

Check for last minute hotels near the area you intend to spend the most time in; it’s practical and saves money.

The weather is warm throughout the year. June is the most crowded time, although the festivals La Tomatina (August) and Feria de Julio (July) bring a lot of people to the city. If you want to avoid herds of tourists, May and June would be the best time to visit Valencia. Spring and fall are quite rainy. Whenever you decide to go to Valencia, look up last minute hotels in order to save money.

Spain definitely a great place for vacation! Also on our site, you can find car rental deals as well as all types of accommodations. If you plan on visiting other parts of Spain, you can Also find hotels in Madrid.
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Find Cheap Last Minute NYC Deals

New York

find last minute NYC hotelsNew York, The Big Apple, is the largest city in the USA. The city is alive 24/7 and it’s one of the most important culture and economic centers in the world. There is so much to see and do in the city that it’ll take weeks to explore all of them!

Thanks to the internet today, it’s extremely easy to find last minute hotels and vacation packages in New York. That’ll save a lot of money and your mental health!

From all of the great things in New York, you should at least check these out:

  • Statue of Liberty. Statue of the goddess of freedom in the Liberty Island. It was a gift from France.
  • Empire State Building. The second largest building in the USA. There’s an amazing view of the city, too bad it’s crowded all the time.
  • Brooklyn Bridge. One of the oldest and largest suspension bridges.
  • Central Park. One of the most famous parks in the world thanks to movies and television. It’s huge and pretty with many ponds and activities.
  • Coney Island. A popular, big peninsula with great opportunity to sunbathe. It also has a big amusement park.
  • Greenwich Village. A part of Manhattan with the look from the 19th century and it’s said to be the cradle of bohemian life. Many cultural and pop icons have started their journey there.
  • Times Square. A place in Manhattan which has, well, everything.
  • Bronx Zoo. There are about 4000 animals around the world. There’s an amazing Congo Gorilla Forest, which has 55 different species from Africa.
  • Guggenheim Museum. A modern art museum which is like a piece of art itself.

Check the internet for last minute hotels and deals near the essential areas, who knows, maybe you’ll save some money.

Winters can be quite cold and the snow tends to turn into slush. Nevertheless, it’s still good time to go, especially around Christmas and New Year. Summers are warm, maybe even hot, and there are many outdoor events, such as concerts. Spring and fall are beautiful times to visit New York and the weather is mild.

There’s not a specific time of year when would be the “best time” to visit New York, there’s always something going on. Look around the internet for the best travel deals the time you want to go, and maybe book a last minute hotel.

Discover NYC hotels and travel packages online. By browsing our website you can find vacation deals, accommodations specials and airfare discounts. NYC is one of the most popular city in the whole world. Thousands will travel to NYC every day of the year – good or bad temperature!

So if you are deciding to travel to New York City last minute consider looking around here. Find cheap hotels for other destinations on the east coast.

If you travel to NYC you don’t necessarily need to rent a car. Use their yellow cabs (taxis) or the subway system, unless you want to drive out of town and visit the other parts of the beautiful state.

There is so much to visit in NYC!! And proportionally, there are so many offers for cheap deals online but you can find what you want!
Helping you find hotels deals online!

Last Minute Deals and Travel to Dijon

Dijon, France

Probably everyone has heard about Dijon mustard. It’s extremely popular and the Dijonnais are proud of it. It’s not a surprise if you encounter Dijon mustard with uncommon flavors, such as honey or different fruits. The other thing they’re proud of, is their delicious wine. You can find vineyards that offer tours, which could include a little wine tasting.

find last minute hotels and travel to DijonDijon has an amazing medieval center which is closed from vehicles. Thanks to that, you can easily explore it by walking or by bike.

What would be a better surprise than to take your loved one to a romantic trip to one of French greatest cities? Book a last minute hotel and flight to Dijon and enjoy!

Dijon has preserved many architectural styles from the last 1000 years. Many of the houses from the 18th century still have people living in them. What makes the house in Dijon so amazingly different, are the roofs. They have geometric patterns with bright colors in them!

There are so many wonderful sights in Dijon, here’s just few of them:

  • Palais Ducal. A gorgeous building that has a museum with belongings of the Dukes of Burgundy. There are also great paintings.
  • Puits de Moïse. The Well of Moses monument.
  • St. Michel church. It is huge and beautiful.
  • Dijon Cathedral.
  • Notre Dame de Dijon. Amazing Gothic building from the 13th century.
  • The church of Saint-Benigne de Dijon.
  • Philippe II Le Hardi’s tomb and the Well of Moses.
  • Place de la Libération (Liberation Square)
  • Place François Rude (François Rude Square)

Our website can help you find last minute hotels in or near Dijon. You may consider renting a car to visit great places outside of town. France is filled with history and it’s not only downtown that you’ll find everything.

Fall would be a great time to visit Dijon, especially because of the wine harvest events. The summers are warm and rainy, and winters are cold, but not freezing.

So, whenever you want to visit Dijon, don’t hesitate! Try to book a last minute hotel in Dijon to save money for other things, some events for example. With the internet today you can easily find the best travel deals for any vacation destinations.

You can also find more last minute hotel deals in Paris.
Helping the internet people find hotel and travel deals online!

New Year’s Last Minute Travel and Hotels

Find last minute hotels in 2011Another year and hopefully it was a good one for all of you! Now we turn the page and go toward the future… 2011!! We will continue to offer last minute hotels specials. And actually even more in 2011. Not only this, we will continue to provide more information about different vacation destinations around the world.

The internet is a great vehicle to find travel deals and if one of your resolutions is visit more places this year, well, you could certainly find great specials on our website. Cheap hotels around the world still exist!! How hard is it to find? When considering booking a hotel or flight in 2011, it boils down to only a few big online companies that offer the deals. But you can find independent places that will provide you with great service (meaning easy to book online at a cheap rate).

We want to take this opportunity, to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best wishes for 2011 !!! And if one of your dreams to travel more in 2011, we will be happy to help you find the last minute hotels if you decided to leave late. It’s a busy world and it moves fast. Ideally you wouldn’t have to book last minute and booking way in advance would be the best. However, many a times, and not just for vacation but also for business travel, we have book just a few days before departure. Though your flight and hotel may be international (not a domestic location), you can still find great deals, absolutely.

2011 cheap hotelsShopping for cheap hotels without having much time is just a question of staying calm. Sit down, relax and take notes as you do your online shopping. As you start looking around the travel websites, you will quickly notice a trend of prices for airfare and accommodations. As you continue your search, most probably it will boil down to just 2 or 3 great offers that actually meet your needs.

Doesn’t it feel good when you actually book your flight or accommodation? I know the feeling. Each time I want to leave on vacation and actually press on the button ‘buy’ and have my confirmation that the purchase is done, it feels good.

From our team, we thank you for visiting and come back regularly in 2011. We wish you all the best.

We can help you find last minute hotels online!

Thank you!!

Find Hotels in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

find last minute Zurich hotels, SwitzerlanDon’t let this city fool you. Although Zurich is the financial center of the world, it is elegant and beautiful city in many ways. There are world famous banks and big churches in comparison to idyllic coffee places and boutiques. Zurich really is an amazing mix of new and old, and this city is full of gold. Literally.

There are many sites on the internet that offer great deals and packages. Look up last minute hotels in Zurich. There are great ways to save money. There are great hotels in Europe and Zurich has its share of it.

The nightlife in Zurich is great. There are clubs that change place often. There’s also live music, mostly rock or jazz. If you like opera, ballet or classical music, you won’t get disappointed either.

There are many events held in Zurich throughout the year, for example different kind of music, art and theater festivals. There is also an annual public city campaign which changes themes. In the past some of them have been cows and huge flower pots.

Some of the great main sights are:

  • Fraumünster. The first church in Zurich.
  • Grossmünster. A huge, most remarkable church in Zurich.
  • Bahnhofstrasse. The most famous shopping boulevard in Zurich which has been credited as the most elegant in Europe. Check if there’s any last minute hotels available near there!
  • Kunsthaus. The best art gallery in Switzerland.
  • Paradeplatz. A plaza that’s perfect for checking out the people.
  • Uetliberg. It is the highest hill in Zurich. There is an amazing view to the city.

Other places such as parks are worthwhile too. The Zoological Garden has about 260 animal species. The Botanical Garden Zurich has about 15 000 plant and tree species, some of which are very rare.

Summers are usually quite hot in Zurich. Good thing that you can dive in to a clean lake unlike in many other places. Winters can get cold and snow usually comes and goes quite quickly. If the weather isn’t an obstacle to you, plan your trip according to the events in the city. Look up last minute hotels and deals in Zurich to save some money and enjoy!

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Ibiza Hotels and Deals

Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain)

Ibiza is vacation in many ways! The clubs are open until morning and there are DJs in the beaches too. The best parties in the world are in Ibiza, no doubt! Book a last minute hotel in Ibiza immediately and star having fun! Ibiza is not only for clubbers though. There are many things for families too. There are many beaches with activities like snorkeling and waterskiing.

hotels on Ibiza Island, SpainIbiza Town not only has some of the best clubs, it also offers some sights. The old town and the old harbor are a nice contrast for all the clubs and discos. There are old forts that were used to protect the place from pirates. D’ Alt Vila quarter has galleries, shops and a modern art museum. The island of La Savina is a small place to see the calmer side of life.

Playa d´en Bossa, a few miles from the capital, definitely has the best parties and it has the longest beach of Ibiza. It is starting to surpass San Antonio, the second largest city in Ibiza, in terms of popularity. There are many cheap hotels in Playa d´en Bossa, check if there’s any available in last minute.

The biodiversity and culture of Ibiza has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage. The islands nature is absolutely gorgeous! All the old houses make the place adorable, a nice change from the raves.
There are plenty of cheap flights to Ibiza. You could check the internet to find the best travel deals and last minute hotels in Ibiza. For vacation, this island is a great destination!

April to the beginning of June is your time to go if you like lesser crowds, although in April the water can be a little cold. Summer is so hot that you only want to lie on the beach, but there is nothing wrong with that! The place is packed then though, but at least there will be people clubbing. Fall is still quite warm and ideal to check out the island, but the clubs start to close. The closing parties bring the people back for a while. Winter is quiet and peaceful.

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Paris Travel Deals

Paris, France

Paris hotels last minuteParis is considered to be one of the most important center of culture, politics, gastronomy and fashion. It is also the most popular tourist city in the world.

This really is the city of romance. Surprise your loved one with a trip here; it sure would be a time to remember! Check the internet for last minute hotels in Paris. It would save money to do something romantic in this city.

There are many museums, parks and beautiful architecture in Paris. Some of the most memorable sights are in Paris, and here’s some of them:

  • The Eiffel tower. The most known landmark in France, you cannot even think about going to Paris without seeing it! Try walking up the stairs and reward yourself in one of the two restaurants there.
  • Champs-Élysées. The most known street in Paris with famous sights near it. There are also movie theaters, cafés and luxury shops.
  • Arc de Triomphe. The Triumphal Arch. There is a amazing view of Paris on top of the arch.
  • Les Invalides. A bunch of buildings, and inside of them you’ll find museums and monuments, all related to France’s military history. In the most essential place, you’ll find the tomb of Napoleon.
  • Louvre. One of the most known places in Paris, and the world’s most visited art museum. There are almost 35 000 pieces of work, for example Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.
  • Disneyland Paris. A big amusement park with two theme parks, seven hotels owned by Disney, and an area which has restaurants, bars, shops and a few daises.

Check for last minute hotels near the sights you want to see in order to save some money. Make your online reservations today by using a special search machine. Also you can find a variety of travel deals.

Best times to visit Paris would be spring or fall. Summers are hot, tourists swarm everywhere and some venues are closed, opera for example. Winter is usually quite cold, but it doesn’t disturb any of the events. There aren’t really queues in the attractions, so it’ll be easier to see everything. It rains less in winter than in any other season though.

The Kube Hotel is one extraordinary hotel! There is the first ice bar in Paris. Some of the rooms remind me of a nightclub, really weird but stylish and awesome! If you have money, stay there! You could also check if it’s available last minute.

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Find Saint Petersburg Hotels Late

Saint Petersburg, Russia

find last minute hotels in Saint PetersburgSt. Petersburg is a beautiful metropolis with many old cathedrals and palaces. There are numerous water channels and canals throughout the city, and in the area are 42 islands and 340 bridges! No wonder St. Petersburg is called the Venice of the North.

St. Petersburg used to be the capital of Russia for over 200 years, now it has to settle for being the capital of education and art. The city does have an amazing culture in many ways. The buildings are gorgeous and there are theaters and opera houses that make St. Petersburg a respected city. Check for last minute hotels in there to save money. It’s now easier than ever.

Some of the many sights in St. Petersburg include:

  • The Hermitage Museum, Ermitaž. A huge art museum in the Winter Palace. There is the biggest collection of art by Rembrandt.
  • Alexander Nevsky Lavra. A monastery that is one of the most remarkable architectural structures from the 18th century.
  • Petergof. A palace from the 18th century that used to be the summer home of the tsars. There is a park area which has some pretty amazing statues and fountains.
  • Isaakievskiy Sobor, the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. One of the most known sights of St. Petersburg. There are beautiful paintings and sculptures all over the church.
  • The State Russian Museum.
  • The Bronze Horseman Mednyi vsadnik. Most famous public monument of Saint Petersburg.
  • Khram Spasa na Krovi, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, aka Church on Spilt Blood. The official name is Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. An extraordinary building with many colors!
  • The Trinity Cathedral.

There might be last minute hotels in St. Petersburg in the area you mostly want to be. There are many good sites in the internet for that. Also since you’re at it and going to Russia, you might want to book a hotel in Moscow.

The weather in Saint Petersburg is quite mild although it can be breezy because of the sea. If you go there in winter, remember to pack warm clothes.

The best time to visit St Petersburg would no doubt be during the White Nights. It’s a period between May and July when the sun seems to never set. It’s absolutely gorgeous time! The main events are also held then. Try to find last minute hotels in Saint Petersburg in that time.

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Last Minute Deals Canary Islands

Canary Islands, Spain

The beautiful Canary Islands consist of seven islands. The Islands are perfect for vacations with family, but it’s also perfect for someone who loves to party. The Canary Islands are famous for their long beaches and amazing sunny weather. Look around the internet for last minute hotels in the Canary Islands, there are plenty to choose from!

Discover last minute Canary Islands hotelsSome things to see in Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands:

Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The capital of Tenerife. It has beautiful parks and there’s also lot to see: Conception and San Francisco churches, the Carta palace, Paso Alto fort and few museums.

Puerto de la Cruz. This city has beautiful beaches and good shopping opportunities. You should also check out the parks and the botanical garden.

Teide volcano. Very impressive landmark, including the area around it.
The pyramids. These are not as big as in Egypt, but a great nevertheless.
Sights in Gran Canaria:
Puerto Rico. There aren’t really any sights there, but it’s nice to see the city which is in favor of many tourists.

Las Palmas. The largest city in the Canary Islands. There are many places there worth to visit, for example museums, amazing cathedral and La casa de Colón.


  • Timanfaya nature reserve. There have been many volcano eruptions in 1730-1735, which made the place look like it does now. It almost never rains there, so it’s pretty authentic.
  • Jameos del Agua. A pretty amazing lava bubble which was designed by César Manrique. There is a little lake with albino crabs that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.
  • Jardin de Cactus. Also the work of Manrique, a place with over 10 000 different cacti.
  • Cueva de los Verdes. A long lava tunnel that was formed over 3000 years ago. There are even concerts held there!
  • Fuerteventura:
  • Although there’s not much to see, the Corralejo dunes which are miles long, are worth it. Plus there’s a great place to swim.
  • La Gomera:
  • Garajonay national park. A beautiful area in every respect.
  • La Palma:
  • Roque do los Muchachos mountaintop. Amazing view! It’s the highest place in the island and it has an observatory there that is of the highest level in Europe.

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Toulouse Last Minute - Find a hotel

Toulouse, France

Toulouse is rich in culture, both in architectural and people wise. There are many, many museums and galleries, and amazing buildings with different influences.

toulouse last minute hotelsToulouse has pretty good nightlife if you’re into that stuff. Many cheap, fun or even weird places. Most of the bars are open until 6 am. You could also relax like the locals; they enjoy just sitting in a café, sipping wine or coffee and take it easy.
Thanks to the internet, it’s very easy to find cheap last minute hotels in Toulouse. Book one near the popular cafés or clubs.

Some of the interesting sights of Toulouse include:

  • Capitole de Toulouse. This building and its plaza, Place du Capitole, are one of the most impressive sights in Toulouse. The amazing bell tower wasn’t there originally, it was built about 100 years later.
  • St. Sernin Basilique. This basilica is the largest building of Romanesque architecture in Europe. One of the highlights of this basilica, is the bell tower. It has the first three floors built in a Romanesque style and the upper two in the 14th century style.
  • Cité de l’espace. City of Space. It is a space theme-park with many different things to do. It has an IMAX movie theater, displays (some interactive), two planetariums and replicas of a space rocket, for example.
  • Jardin des Plantes. A huge public park and a botanical garden. There are many historical buildings in the park, one of them is a natural science museum from the 16th century.
  • Canal du Midi. One of the favorites of Toulouse is a cruise in the canal. Canal du Midi is nowadays the most popular water route being in an amusement use. In the cruise, you will see amazing views, 91 locks and the world’s first canal tunnel.

Check for last minute hotels near the attractions you want to visit and save on traveling time.

Toulouse doesn’t get too hot or too cold. The city comes alive in spring and summer, there’s lots going on and people love being outside.
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